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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Possible “Summer Uprising” Planned For XBLIG’s?

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

Possible “Summer Uprising” Planned For XBLIG’s?

By: Mr. Deeke

Note: The Summer Uprising event has not been officially confirmed or announced: it’s still in the early stages of planning, so there is a chance that it might not happen at all.

Pretty much everyone in the XNA and XBLIG Community is well aware of last year’s Indie Game Winter Uprising, an event that showcased multiple Xbox Indie developers and their specific game releases for the signature event. The IGWU was an impressive and marked occasion that not only brought more sales and support to XNA Developers, but had it’s own place on the Xbox Live Dashboard for all to see.

Overall this seasonal event was a success for all sides–gamers were treated with exceptional game releases like the unforgettable and critically acclaimed RPG Cthulhu Saves the World, the action-packed evolution of Radiangame’s original creative shoot-em-up Crossfire 2, and Soulcaster 2, the sequel to the highly praised tactical tower defense game Soulcaster.

The event was very rewarding for developers as well, as they not only were featured on the Xbox Live Dashboard, but the event attracted many new customers and gamers, informing them on a whole new niche for the creative and original gaming content that only Xbox Live Indie Games can offer.

There were other huge XBLIG titles featured in the event as well, and the IGWU actually had it’s own promotional website in order to get the word out. The Winter Uprising no doubt had some of the best Xbox Live Indie Games of all time released under it’s cause, and even today those titles still hold their ranks against the new releases.

Thanks to Kris Steele, XNA developer and veteran XBLIG Community member and titular head of FunInfused Games, VVGtv has been informed that a “Indie Games Summer Uprising” is quite a possibility for this year. The developer goes on to say a few more things about the possible event:

“The idea is being kicked around. It could happen. We’re trying to determine possible games to include and how to include them.” –Kris Steele, XNA Developer at FunInfused Games

This kind of community occasion would  not only bring new gamers into the homebrew depths of the Xbox Indies marketplace, but it would also grant support to XBLIG developers, as they could showcase their new titles as well as earn recognition as hype and acclaim built up for the event.

The official App Hub Forum Thread shows that developers are interested in this event, but the planning is just in it’s preliminary stages. Right now the developers are simply trying to build interest and get other XNA devs interested in the cause. Kris goes on about the possible event:

We’re trying to get the word out to interested devs who are finishing games this summer to post on the App Hub Thread, so we know to consider their game.” –Kris Steele, FunInfused Games

Furthermore, the Dream.Build.Play competition‘s submissions are closed on June 14th, the event bringing a massive amount of entries and quite impressive-quality titles: RPG’s, platformers, space-shooters, and other games from all different combinations of genres and hybrids. DBP has brought a huge amount of attention to Xbox Live Indie Games, promoting the community and the XNA 4.0 development software with the promise of prizes for the winners.

It’s said that the Summer Uprising affair would benefit most if it followed after the Dream Build Play competition, as most developers are hard at work on their submissions for DBP. The timeframe is flexible, and as of right now the event isn’t officially confirmed or announced.

VVGtv will update readers when more details arise, but this is something to look forward to and anticipate after DBP’s winners have been announced.


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