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Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure Interview: Ponycorn Jars for Everyone!

By: Master Blud

We at VVGtv love game stories, we happened to discover a viral game that has taken the web browser games by storm. The game was made by 5 year old Cassie, and as the title says, IT HAZ PONYCORNS!!!! With the help of her father Ryan, they were both able to make this epic adventure. I myself love kids games, for the reason that I too have a daughter and we played this for about 3 hours (Don’t Ask). It’s called parenting.

The web game takes you on a magical adventure, where you play as Sissy, and have to collect all the Ponycorns in little jars, don’t worry, no animal cruelty, these Ponycorns can breathe jar air.

I had time to send my questions to Ryan and Cassie, here is what they had to say.

VVGtv’s responses are highlighted in blue whereas Ryan from Untold Entertainment and his daughter Cassie’s responses are normal.

VVGtv: First tell us in a brief description, how you go into developing.

Ryan: I’ve always wanted to make my own games, even from a very young age. I got my first computer when I was 12. The problem is that I really didn’t understand programming, and I had no one to help me. I remember buying books that told you how to make your own games, but they’d have code errors in the first chapter. Since this was pre-Internet, I couldn’t check for errata or figure out how to troubleshoot the code.

Compiler errors are really foreign when you’re brand new to programming. It was a real shame. So I gave up on programming for a while, and scratched the itch by making games on paper.

I went to school to study computer animation and multimedia. After a few years of teaching animation and computer skills to elementary school kids, I eventually landed a job at a Canadian broadcaster that owned two kids’ teevee stations. My job was to make Flash advergames and original content for the teevee stations’ websites.

VVGtv: Tell us how you started Untold Entertainment.

Ryan: The game development job was great for a start, but I eventually grew out of it. I left to start Untold Entertainment, where my teevee contacts helped me to build a somewhat viable service studio creating games that were brand extensions of kids’ teevee properties.

VVGtv: What originally first sparked the idea to make Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure.

Ryan: Apart from the teevee world, the audiences playing on Flash games portals are jocular young males. They’re very critical of anything they see as girly, “faggy”, or childlike. That makes it very difficult to develop original content that hits with those online audiences. It started to piss me off.

The original concept for Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure was to create this overboard saccharine-sweet game packed with puppies, unicorns, rainbows, kitties, balloons, cuddle blankets … everything that the typical online Flash gamers would hate. But the trick is that the game is an incredibly difficult puzzle platformer … something along the lines of Super Meat Boy. The hope was to have all these young guys going out of their minds angrily trying to finish this emasculating, insipid game filled with little girl imagery.

The idea kind of evolved from there to include Cassie … it was a logical fit. In fact, up until the second day of TOJam, it was still going to be a puzzle platformer. It wasn’t until my laptop started groaning under the weight of the engine we were using that we I decided to scrap that plan and use UGAGS (the Untold Graphic Adventure Game System), which was much more forgiving and easy to work with.

VVGtv: How much time has Cassie put into the Game.

She sunk about 6 hours into illustrating it (all in one go!), and another 1.5 hours into the voice acting.

VVGtv asks Cassie: Are there going to more Ponycorn Adventures we can look forward to in the near future?

Cassie: “Mmm … I’ll make more ponycorn games for them if they like.” (when asked about an idea for a new game:) “Sissy finding a dragon and it’s nice and it finds ponycorns for Sissy.”

VVGtv asks Cassie: Why is the lemon so evil?

Cassie: “Because it squirts lemon juice in your eyes, and that stings.”

VVGtv asks Cassie: Are there going to be more Magical Creations other than Ponycorns you plan on making?

Cassie: “Um … okay. I’ll make some more stuff that doesn’t involve ponycorns.” (she doesn’t have any ideas right now, but over the weekend, she was busy building her own papercraft treasure boxes.)

VVGtv Asks Ryan: Have you considered porting this title to another platform, we cover a lot of Xbox Indie Games, and would love to see this game come to Xbox Indies.

Ryan: We haven’t considered Xbox Live Indie Games, but we’re working on mobile versions for the Playbook, the iPad, and possibly Android.

VVGtv asks Ryan: Furthermore can you tell us, other titles that you have made.

Ryan: We’ve developed a number of games at TOJam over the years, but every other finished product has been created for our clients. The three new, original games we have in development are:

  • Kahoots (mobile) – A fun, crime-themed puzzle game modeled entirely in clay.
  • Interrupting Cow Trivia (PC) – An online multiplayer trivia game where the first person to type the answer gets the most points.
  • Spellirium (PC) – A post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure game

The End

For more information about Untold Entertainment, please visit their official website.

To play Sissys Magical Ponycorn Adventure Web Game, click here and enjoy the utopia of Ponycorns.


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  1. SO CUTE. Awesome! I hope for more ponycorn adventures in the future!

    July 10, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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