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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News “Bunker Buster” Released on Xbox Indies Marketplace

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Bunker Buster” Now Available on XBLIG Marketplace

By: Mr. Deeke

On this installment of VVGtv’s Voice of Indie XBLIG News we’ll be announcing a new release to the Xbox Indies Marketplace called “Bunker Buster” from Magiko Gaming, the development team that brought us the infamous side-scrolling platformer Platformance: Castle Pain. While this new release is quite different than Platformance,

BunkerBuster 80 MSP

The gameplay mechanics in this Xbox Indie title come all the way from the heart of classic vintage gaming–the mechanics themselves are taken from an early game called Blitz for the Vic-20 Commodore Computer System.

Bunker Buster
(Click the picture link above to be taken to Bunker Buster’s XBL Marketplace page.)

A description for the vintage title can be found below, taken from the official Blitz Wikipedia page linked above:

“A plane moves across the screen at a steady speed. When the plane reaches the end of the screen it moves to the other side and drops down one line, with the speed increasing each time the plane drops a line.

Below is a cityscape composed of blocks. The player has to drop bombs from a plane, and each bomb which hits a building removes one or more blocks.

As the plane descends it risks hitting any remaining blocks so priority has to be given to bombing the tallest “buildings”. The level is completed when all blocks are removed and the plane has descended safely to the bottom of the screen.

Magiko Gaming resurrects a classic gaming experience that promises “Bombs and Bombers” as well as “Bunkers and Babes”, a combination that any gamer will find enjoyable. With destructible environments, gameplay mechanics that put emphasis on focus and timing skills, and decent graphics, Bunker Buster is an addictive arcade-style action bomber game that gamers of all ages and tastes can enjoy.

Image from Bunker Buster

Below is information from the official press release for Magiko Gaming’s newest XBLIG title, Bunker Buster:

From the makers of Platformance: Castle Pain comes a game about:

Bombs and bombers, skills and rankings, babes and bunkers: BUNKER BUSTER!

Blast your way through 32 levels of destruction madness.

Put your piloting skills to the test with planes, helicopters… and missile launcher mounted jetpacks that cut through rocks like butter.


Image from Bunker Buster


– Destructible landscape
– Simple controls
– 6 different aircrafts with their own physics
– Local scoreboard
– Comic book style graphics
– A story with twists and turns
– Unlock missions as you go
– Destroy targets but avoid hostages
– Save your mission at any time
– Collect Rewards but avoid Flopwards!

Bunker Buster is also available for release as a WP7 (Windows Phone 7) game.

Bunker Buster on Windows Phone 7

Magiko Gaming gives even more details on their latest XBLIG release:

We added gravity to the game, the possibility to put upward trust with the triggers, destructible landscape, objectives and hostages for 32 missions, different aircraft types (planes, helicopters, jetpacks, all with their own physics), and a goofy story line involving Foxie the mechanic girl, the pesky General DoucheSack, and an evil secret ugly boss.

For more information on Bunker Buster and the independent XNA studio that developed it, Magiko Gaming, please visit their official website or Follow them on Twitter for instant updates.

Other Xbox Indie titles from the independent XNA development studio Magiko Gaming:



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