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Trailer Service for Indie Game Developers

Dear Indie Developers,

The service I offer is creating Trailers for Indie titles, (release trailers, teasers, etc. The service is now $20.00USD per trailer. This includes Movie Tone Voice Over.

To make it easier on you, I will provide a list right here for you to send me what I need for the trailer.
-Video Footage (Capture as much Action/Gameplay as you can) {Try to have different themes while using your video footage}
-Font Kits used in game
-In Game Sprites (Helps with customization of Trailer)
-Game Logos (And Engine Logos if using a specific Engine)
-Details on the game using bullet points
-Music used in game, no Kevin MacLeod Please!
-What sort of trailer are you looking for?
-Expected time of releasing your trailer
-For legal purposes on distributing your trailer to other platforms such as Nintendo, XBLA, Steam and PSN, you are required to supply to legal video trademarks to put in the video.
-Lastly what direction are you aiming with the trailer Funny, Dramatic etc) Trailers need emotion!

Below are linked versions of the trailers I’ve made or had involvement in for the Indie Game releases and many more.

If you are interested and need more information please Contact me at

FishCraft Release Trailer
Undead Empire Release Trailer
Retrocade Datastream Y2K600 Release Trailer
CuBlocks Trailer
Windhaven Teaser
Volchaos Teaser Trailer(Preset Layout with iMovie11)
Astralia Launch Trailer
Andromium Launch Trailer
Cosmos X2 DSiWare European Launch Trailer
Voice Over Work for Hypership Out Of Control for iOS Trailer
Indie Games Summer Uprising Launch Trailer Music done by Zack Parrish and Anthony WK Morgan Both of these great gents are for Hire, I completely recommend them to work on your game music as well.
Last Dragon Standing Teaser
Last Dragon Standing Launch Trailer
Volchaos Infomercial
Antipole European DSiWare Launch Trailer
All Your Creeps Launch Trailer #1
All Your Creeps Launch Trailer #2 (Preset Layout with iMovie11)
Tangled iOS Trailer
QuadPong iOS Trailer
Chester PC Launch Trailer


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