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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News Avatar Legends Now Available

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Avatar Legends” Now Available On XBLIG

By: Mr. Deeke

The independent XNA development studio Barkers Crest, responsible for previous Xbox Indie titles, has announced that it’s latest XNA project, Avatar Legends, is now available to download on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

Avatar Legends 240 MSP

(Click the picture link below to be taken to the Xbox Live Marketplace page.)

Avatar Legends

This game features stunning graphics and visuals with familiar classic RPG aspects that veterans will appreciate and enjoy. With an expansive menu interface and action oriented combat, this game is enjoyable for RPG fans across the world.

Avatar Legends also features a huge level editor that allows gamers to customize their very own adventures: quests, items, and even the entire terrain and landscapes are editable. All in all, this game is quite impressive on many levels, and is 240 MSP is a great price for the hours of gameplay and the quantity and quality of in-game features.

For more information on Avatar Legends and the studio that developed it be sure to check out Barker Crest’s official website or Follow them on Twitter for instant updates.

Other XBLIG titles from Barkers Crest Studio:

(Click the picture links below to be taken to their respective Xbox Live Marketplace pages)

Home Run Challenge     Avatar Golf     Easy Golf


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