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Help SOLLOMAN develop the game “Happy”

Written by: Daizoren

A while back I posted an interview I did with the developer “Solloman” who is making the indie title “Happy”. Now I have done the entire soundtrack for this title and I’m very proud to say I have because the idea of the game is genuine and truly unique. Right now, however, Solloman is having some trouble making the game and needs someone (From the United Kingdom preferably) to do the programming for part of the game. He needs someone who can make menus and be able to program stage to stage. You can view this video below that gives more information as to what he is looking for.

If you’re an experienced XNA developer and want to help make this game a possibility and want to make some cash, send Solloman a private message on Youtube and let him know. Hopefully we can get this title completed and he’ll have his first published video game. That’s quite a dream and I, for one, want him to accomplish it.


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