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360 Video Poker #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Review

VVG Indie Verse Review

“360 Video Poker”

By: Mr. Deeke

Thank you for joining us for VVGtv’s Indie Verse Reviews; on this iteration we’ll be taking a look at a simple yet enjoyable Xbox Indie title called 360 Video Poker. The title says it all–the game in itself is standard video poker, and it delivers a traditional and age-old card game that gamers can re-play over and over. This game is designed for players that enjoy a quick and uncomplicated Poker game that they can enjoy many times over.

360 Video Poker 80 MSP

The stakes are high in this Xbox Indie title focused on gambling in the age-old card game Poker. Win big and place your bets in 360 Video Poker from SAD Games that’s set in the design of coin-op video Poker machines commonly found in casinos and gambling halls throughout the world.

360 Video Poker

  • Developer – SAD Games (Trolog)
  • Genre – Card & Board
  • XBL Marketplace URL360 Video Poker
  • Release Date – 4/15/2011
  • Try or Buy?Try Before You Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 3/5

Experience the thrills of video poker and dare to risk it all on the Hi-Lo mini game.

–Xbox Live Marketplace Description

I. Game Mechanics

360 Video Poker is a straightforward card game with a simple interface that shows the current winning values and payouts as well as the current bet and the player’s pool of money to gamble with. Just as stand-up poker machines are addicting in casinos and gambling halls, this game is addicting because you’re not losing–and consequently not winning–any money so there’s no real risk involved, making it easy to replay over and over.

The type of poker is 5 Card Draw with standard rules and hand combinations: Royal Flushes, Four of a Kind, Straights, etc. Players can Increase and Decrease the bet before a hand is dealt, and after the hand is dealt players can Hold whichever cards they choose. Those cards will be exchanged for fresh cards from the deck, and then the player reveals their hand. If they win, they will have the chance to play the Hi-Lo minigame and Double Up for the chance to earn even more cash.

Image from 360 Video Poker

II. Unique Features

The Hi-Lo Gamble mini-game within 360 Video Poker is a unique feature, and it allows gamers to bet on a true random stake making it a real gamble. The mechanics and rules of the Hi-Lo gametype is similar to Black Jack in a way–there is a selected card that is displayed on the screen, and players must randomly choose a facedown card on the table. If that card is higher than the Gamble Card, the player wins.

In the Hi-Lo gametype players can also Double Up the bet, making the stakes higher and the bet more substantial, and each time the player wins they have the chance to Double Up once again. This dynamic is interesting in that it provides a sense of realistic gambling, and that there is no real stake makes it all the more easy to take a loss.

Image from 360 Video Poker
III. Critique

The Good

It’s Simple And Enjoyable. For a card game, Poker can have many different variants and rules to confuse the player, however 360 Video Poker is quite simple and enjoyable for card gamers out there. Taking elements from standard video poker machines in everyday casinos where players can gamble their chips away for hours on end.

Let’s Face It–Gambling is Addicting. Everyone knows that high-stakes gambling can be thrilling and fun, and although there isn’t anything to really win in this game, 360 Video Poker is still addicting nonetheless as every card flip is random and every Hi-Lo bet is a gamble. With infinite replay value, this game is enjoyable as it is addicting.

Easy to Play and Understand. This is the type of game players can enjoy without having to be stressed out, and can relax and take a break from the hectic and frenetic gaming that is seen in most retail titles. These small but sweet Xbox Indies bide the time well and allow gamers to unwind, and it is easy enough to understand that gamers don’t have to put a lot of focus or attention on gameplay.

The Bad

Lack of Features & Gameplay Elements. While it is a simplistic Indie title, 360 Video Poker could use a few more gametypes and options, or perhaps a few custom backgrounds to spruce the visuals up some.

Image from 360 Video Poker

IV. Wrap-Up

Overall I found myself enjoying 360 Video Poker, and it is a simple card game that players can enjoy without having to be under stress or intense focus–there is no fast-paced action or frenetic gameplay elements, just easy and enjoyable gambling and random card draws. While this game may not be enjoyable to all, I’d definitely recommend it to those that enjoy Poker, especially the video poker machines that are found in bars and casinos around the world.

For more information on 360 Video Poker and the independent studio that developed it, SAD Games, Follow the developer on Twitter for instant updates.


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