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VVGindiecast Ep. 7

Join Vintage Video Games TV’s Master Blud and Mr. Deeke for the seventh Indiecast episode featuring (as always) Xbox Live Indie Game content, and the first-ever VVGtv PC/iOS Indie Game review on Cubetastic–an evolved Rubik’s cube puzzler with impressive graphics. We said episode 6 but it is episode 7 :-).

NOTE: It may take a moment to buffer, if you are having a problem, click the links below or click the picture.
VVG indie cast Ep.7 (Right Click ->Save As to save file – File Size Approx. 63mb MP3)

Having Trouble Listening? Click This Link and go Directly to the Podcast

Featured in VVGtv’s seventh podcast episode are a few fresh and new Xbox Indies as well as a few golden oldies. This is also one of the few Indiecasts that were streamed LIVE on the interwebs.

I am sorry to inform you that this Indiecast does not have impressions. I know Sad Panda.

Xbox Indie Games featured in VVG Indiecast #7:

NOTE: Click each picture to be taken to the corresponding XBLIG Marketplace page Cubetastic is a PC/Mac/iPhone Only Game.

Stick 'Em Up: VS Arena  Tunescape  PaperCraft  ZenHak  Blocks That Matter 


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