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VVGindieverse Time Slip #XBLIG Review

Written By: Master Blud

Hey guys, it is Master Blud with an indie review. In this review we are going to cover TimeSlip on the Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 MS Points. Timeslip was originally a Playstation One game developed with a Net Yaroze and released on an “Official Playstation Magazine UK” cover disk.

It’s a time travelling 2D platform game where you are caught in a continual time loop, forever travelling back in time to encounter past echoes of yourself. Whilst using your past echoes is the key to opening doors and progressing through the levels they must also be avoided to prevent causing a paradox.

Timeslip was the very first game to feature self co-op back in 1999 and this re-release features updated HD graphics and a fresh sound track with the ability to switch back to the original version for that retro feeling.

Developer – Smudge Cat
Genre – Puzzle Platformer
XBL Marketplace URL – Time Slip
Release Date – 2/3/11
Try or Buy? – BUY!
Price – 80 Ms Points
Rating – 4/5

This classic puzzle/platformer originally appeared on a UK Playstation magazine cover disk. It features a time travelling snail who must use earlier versions of himself to solve some fiendish levels without bumping into himself and causing a paradox.
-Xbox Indie Game Marketplace

Timeslip is certainly one of those games that will leave you saying huh? It uses combined aspects of timing, platformers, and puzzlers that will constantly keep you on your toes as you try to beat the clock.

You play as a snail whom is caught in a continual time loop, where there is a constant echo yourself trying to catch up with you. With the use of your past self, helping you solve puzzling levels just to get to the end can be quite tough if you don’t pay attention to your clock at the bottom.

What happens is when you get to a certain time in a level you hit that time loop and your past self acts sort of like a duplicate of you, but in the past. You will go into a vortex and stay where you are, but the time loop will bring your former self catching right up to you to trigger certain levers and areas of the puzzle. After each time loop which is usually about 30 seconds you have to get to your designated area, your former self will be reset and your next one will start at the next check point.

The controls are probably one of the easiest to get use to in this platformer, I had a chance to find an image of the supposed demo disc and booted up on a Bleem emulator to compare each game. They seemed very similar in the game mechanics, using the basic left, right and jump. That is basically the only thing you control, but waiting for the Time Slip to commence is the tricky part, you would have to stand on a button or hit a lever with your past self to continue to the next area, thus reseting your former self to continue on to finishing the level.

The visuals have 2 functions, the classic retro Playstation graphics and the update more modern approach. Honestly I love playing in the retro vision of the game, as it just feels right to play. Seeing as the modern update has more enhancements, I can say that it is quite an improvement from the retro vision if some gamers don’t like that retro feel.

To audible department is relaxing and everything just fits right into the gameplay. Probably the one thing that hasn’t been really change when choosing retro and modern modes. The soundtrack compensates for frustration that you might have with the game if you can’t figure it out, think of it as you are a screaming child with a toothache and your mother coming in to fix the pain.

The overall replay value depends on the gamer at this point. Not everyone is into platforming games such as Time Slip which gives you some core challenges. If you are into various different platformers which give you a challenge I say go for it and buy it, but on the other hand if you are one of those gamers who just want to lay back you might want to reconsider. Myself I enjoy the game as I enjoy a great challenge and completely recommend this title.


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