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VVGindiecast Ep. 6

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Interview with Teacher at University of Utah. Roger Altizer

The Students Games:

Little Bit about the Program:

In a nutshell, we decided back in 2007, after speaking to our industry partners, to not do a games degree. There have been many, and few have career opportunities, as they teach a little art and a little programming. Industry really wants deep knowledge of one area.

We instead did an emphasis for our computer science majors and our film/animation majors. They work in teams for all four undergrad years making games. The XBLIG games are their capstone projects. They’re created over two semesters with interdisciplinary teams of 10-14. In 2008 we received a grant from Microsoft to explore XNA in the classroom, consisting of 20 Xboxes, games, software and money. This is how we got started with XBLIG games.

This year we launched the Master Games Studio, a three track grad program for artists, engineers (programmers) and producers. We’ve gotten a ton of industry support from Microsoft, EA, Disney Interactive, Zynga, Chair Entertainment and others.


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