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Cubetastic #PC and #MAC Review

Written By: Master Blud

Usually we just cover Xbox Indie and Arcade Titles on here but on an occasion we have to turn some games coming in to us that we can not run on our PCs.  But in this case we have a game that we can run.  So let’s continue.  I had recently received an email about a game for multiple platforms, it takes on a Rubiks Cube type puzzler with sort of a twist and said “Hey ya know what this looks like it’ll run just fine.”  I myself do not have a gaming PC so it would be hard for me to review titles on the PC or Mac.  But in this case it is smooth running.

Developer – Do Panic (In German for Now)
Genre – Puzzler
Where to purchase – Cubetastic Website
Release Date – 5/5/2011
Price – $7.99 USD
Rating – 4.5/5
Platform – PC and Mac (App on itunes store for iPhone)

Cubetastic is no easy puzzler, it may look simple because the video play makes it look like you can do it in just 1,2,3.  With the use of a Rubiks Cube and a couple turns here and there to make a valid path brings a Rubiks Cube to a whole new level.

The object of the game is simple but can be quite frustrating if you really have never touch a Rubiks Cube. You must make a path for your Orb to reach a designated area on the Cube by turning and twisting each level of the cube that you are allowed.

You will come in to some tough situations later on in other levels, such as multiple paths that might be blocking with another color. You must connect certain paths in order to reach your designated goal, while connecting the paths opens the play area and becomes more clear on what you need to do.

The Gameplay mechanics are simple but you do have to use them effectively, whether it be turning your cube to see other blocks that you can use to designate your path, or even avoid blocks that serve no use such as locked blocks that you will encounter in the later levels.

The soundtrack in the game gives ambient vibe and does not really have that much sound effects except for the turn of the cube slots. As many titles that might be tough, the soundtracks in tough games are usually more than likely calming tunes so you don’t get too over frustrated.

The visuals are really outstanding and goes great with the ambient soundtrack.  From the colors and smooth transitions makes the look and feel of the game smooth as a babies ass.  Trust me when I say this, the visuals and the frustration are mainly what kept my attention of me continuing to play this game.

The overall replay value of this game is high, I personally myself am not that much of a puzzler fan. But seeing something as uniquely designed and brings the Rubiks Cube to another level definitely makes me recommend this title. Overall it is a buy, if you do not want to spend the $7.99 and have an iPhone buy it for $.99 or try the Lite Version which is Free.

Ending note and real personal thoughts: I screamed bloody murder a few times because this game is so nerve racking and brought me back many many times just to get me more frustrated.


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