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“Total Miner” Coming Soon to XBLIG

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New XBLIG “Total Miner” To Combine MineCraft with Miner Dig Deep!

By: Mr. Deeke

Minecraft wasn’t the first voxel-styled block-builder title out there, but it was one of the first to hit it so big with its massive following that grows every day, culminating in a true impressive fan base numbering in the millions. With the release of FortressCraft on the XBLIG marketplace, fans sought to have a Minecraft-like experience on their Xbox 360’s.

These ideals seem to have spawned a whole new genre of gaming, and XNA developers have noticed the wide success of Minecraft for the PC as well as FC for the X360 and have sought to create their very own iterations.

Total Miner: Forge

Total Miner: Forge seeks out to combine “elements from Miner Dig Deep (a widely successful and popular XBLIG release based on the classic arcade game Dig Dug) with Minecraft’s signature voxel graphics and other elements of gameplay”. In short, FortressCraft has another contender: not only will FC compete with CraftWorld from 2.0 Studios, but with Total Miner: Forge, who’s graphics come very close to the classic MC style.

There are many elements to TotalMiner that make it quite considerable as a contender for the ever-expanding “MC-like Genre” with signature voxel graphics and RPG aspects. Most of these elements can be found in the latest TotalMiner Twitter posts:

  • #TotalMiner’s ‘Scrolls of Wisdom’ unlockables, are scrolls that give you… wisdom. You can find throughout the map and beneath the ground.
  • #TotalMiner’s ‘Blueprint’ unlockables, are crafting blueprints you can find throughout the map and beneath the ground.
  • #TotalMiner’s ‘Cave-in’ feature, gives something to worry about while mining. Cave-ins can randomly happen, and will look like a earthquake.

For icing on the cake, TotalMiner WILL NOT feature Xbox Live Avatars:

  • #TotalMiner Fact: No, you do not play as your Xbox Live Avatar. You play as a character that you will most likely never see.

All in all, TotalMiner: Forge looks to be quite an impressive title with it’s use of volumetric pixel (voxel) graphics which has become a staple in these sorts of block-builder type games, and TotalMiner is quick to include the RPG survival elements found in Minecraft that FC’s first chapter, FortressCraft: Creation, seems to lack. Total Miner has a HUD interface, an inventory, and other great additions that make it into a game with objectives and such instead of wandering around aimlessly and building blocks.

I personally encourage this game and am excited to see Xbox Indie developers tackle the wide fanbase that is behind titles like these, especially with the ever-popular Minecraft game, who’s elements have been attributed to other previous titles that came before it such as Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress.

While this game and the developer may receive some flak and the game may be regarded as a “Minecraft Clone”, I’d say that there’s really nothing bad about making a Minecraft for the Xbox 360, which is what FortressCraft has promised but has come short with the nearly month-long update debacle and how FC doesn’t feature hardly any of the elements that are seen in MC.

Here is a link for the TwitPic Gallery of Total Miner: Forge with in-game screenshots of the current build.

For more information on Total Miner: Forge and the studio that created it, please visit the official website or Follow TotalMiner on Twitter for instant updates.

To get the most out of TotalMiner Twitter updates, be sure to search for the official hashtag: #TotalMiner, or maybe create your very own custom column via TweetDeck, if applicable.


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  2. A total miner

    How do I buy it I cant find it on the game marketplace

    October 14, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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