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Gameinformer Community Replays

Written by: Daizoren

For those of you who have gone over to my youtube channel and checked out my material, you’ll not need to read this, but for those of you haven’t had a chance to check out my channel, there’s a series that I do with members of the Gameinformer Magazine Community called “Gameinformer Community Replay”. If you don’t know what Gameinformer’s Replay series is, it’s a show that they release every Saturday on their website where they go through and play a game from a previous generation console and see if it holds up to the test of time. This has led to fun, entertaining games to absolutely horrible atrocities that lead to hilarious jokes about the game. After a while, I came up with the idea of doing a community version with members of the Gameinformer website and facebook group “I Watched the Entire Overblood Super Replay”. After hearing a couple Gameinformer editor’s approval of the idea, we got cracking on making the very first episode and we’ve been doing them for a while now. I just released our newest episode today and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing what it’s all about. Check out our latest episode below where we play through some of Doom 3. Special thanks to Deeke for helping out with one of the segments to this video!

We also do another series called “Community Super Replay” which is basically the same concept as Replay, except we play through a game in it’s entirety, start to finish with no cheats, walkthroughs or help other than the people playing. We’ve Super Replayed one game, Metal Gear Solid, and you can see the first episode linked here and you can go from there to watch the whole thing.

You can head on over to my Youtube Channel to see more episodes of Replay, Super Replay and Indie review by clicking Here. Don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” Button! We’re always trying to get more attention and that let’s us know that you are interested!


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