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A fix for a fix, duplicate problems!? #XBLIG FIX

Article By: Master Blud
Note: If you have any questions regarding this article and it’s contents please feel free to contact me via Twitter at Master Blud I can answer any of your questions.

Updated: Another Section has been added to guide at the end called Step 12.

Some of us are consumers, some are developers. It is important that consumers know about the problems of updating some Xbox Live Indie Games. You may or may have not realized it, but getting an update through an Xbox Live Indie Game might affect your loss of data. What I have brought to you today is something that has been secretly lurking around your hard drive that you might be wondering how come I don’t have any memory left, or how come my save doesn’t work, or why do I have 2 of the same game. Let alone Indie Games can hold a maximum of 150mb, then you see the game show up twice on the hard drive with the same amount of memory used on that drive/usb. As an Xbox Xpert and Ambassador I have written this Step by Step Guide to ensure your enjoyment of your game and the people you play with.

With this step by step guide I am going to show you how to fix the problem.

Step 1. Updating your indie game. We have all seen this screen before so lets go ahead and update it.

Step 2. Next we hit confirm purchases (Don’t worry all Patches to Indie games are Free)
Step 4. Let it Download and Play Game
Step 5. Now you might not know it now but there are 2 duplicate files upon your hard drive of the same game. So we are going to go ahead and skip to Step 6.

Step 6. Go to your Games Library and locate Indie Games

Step 7. Find your game you just downloaded, in the pictures below are 2 of the same game. But look closely. There seems to be a text at the bottom of when that patch was released. Go ahead and delete the older dated one. What you do is hit A on the older game and choose delete. That’s done on to the next step.

Step 8. We are not done yet. Another problem that might occur is online multiplayer through indie games with lots of lag. So we are going to clear Cache. Go to My Xbox Tab, go all the way to the right and choose system settings and go to memory. After getting there you are going to choose each Memory device and Hit Y on your controller and look for Clear System Cache. Usually the Cache contains temporary storage used on your drive such as updates and history of what you have done in multiplayer for a short period of time, also holds all your retail and Downloadable game patches. No worries! Your rank will not be deleted.

Step 8. Although this might be an issue depending on what kind of USB Drive you use that is not a Microsoft enabled Device or Certified. Using one is definitely recommended. Thats why we are going to locate your save file. I do not have a screen for this so bear with me explaining it in text format as everyones drives might be different.

Step 9. The save files are found under the same area under memory but located as Indie Games under Games, go ahead and look for the I’s and choose indie games. Most save files for indie games vary in size but usually are smaller than the actual downloaded game you had purchased. It may take a while to find the game but look for icons and text that look familiar to the game you are wishing to move.

Step 10. Once Located hit A and choose move the HDD or a Microsoft Certified USB Drive. I know some of you say that it does not make a difference, but it actually does. So let us move that file over to those devices or back it up using copy. But remember load the game from device you moved it to. Making back ups ensures your saved data so you can retract to older file save if lost.

Step 11. You are done go play your game and enjoy. Not all indie games have this problem, think of this a temporary fix until it is patched.

Step 12. The dreaded hidden update. What actually caused all this. Can you remember the preview program from 2010 before the November 1st update. Well I sure can and this is the cause of the Duplicate File Issues. Although deleting the player won’t fix your problem 100% but it is worth a try. So we are going to follow the pictures below. First as stated before find your section for indie games on your hard drive, next you want to locate a file called XNA Indie Title Update usually at 27mb. I want you to delete that and start up an indie game and see if you get the last 2 screens. After that it should resolve some of the issue. As of now many XBLIG Developers have just found this out right now. This has been lurking publicly since November 1st.


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