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TIC Coming soon to #XBLIG

Article By: Master Blud

I saw this and it was absolutely jaw dropping and beautiful. It takes on a challenging pace of platformers. Using many abilities posted below. I am excited for this are you? Want to know more about the game? Visit Red Candy Games and watch the Trailer Below!!!!!!

Story From Website: Tic, an industrial robot from the small oil mining town of Copperville, sets off on a valiant quest to take down EvilCorp after the town’s oil well dries up and throws the Townsbots’ very existence into peril! It’s only a matter of time before EvilCorp drains the world’s energy and invades the entire countryside! Can you help Tic thwart their master plan and put an end to the oil drought?

Assume the role of a unicycling, wall-drilling, helicoptering, mining robot, Tic, in this artfully-crafted action-adventure series from RedCandy Games™.
Stunning 3D-composited high definition visuals, a catchy soundtrack, captivating story, and fast-paced gameplay makes this a rare and unforgettable experience only available on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace.

-Experience breath-taking depth, realistic camera movement, and a dynamic particle system built using RedCandy Games™’ own JawBreaker™ Engine!
-Hover, boost, and drill your way through the first 3 chapters of the TIC story!
-Hover into the cosmos, evade EvilCorp minions from the ground, and drill deep into the heart of the world to uncover the mysteries of the acorns, the molepeople, and the precious oil glade!
-Find and collect over 100 items and unlock more story, items, and abilities in the upcoming second episode!
-Coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games for only 240 Microsoft Points!


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