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One Giant Leap for #XBLIG Developers

Article by: Master Blud

Of course things will change in the Xbox Live Indie Scene. Something like this captures the hearts of thousands of developers and I am sure of it. Being in control of when your game releases is quite the euphoric feeling. When developers usually have to wait a 48 hour period from when a game is put into Peer Review, it gets kind of nerve racking. But what if you can have a choice to say when your game gets releases? Well we have the news for you, although it is already out there but this is good enough to share.

Within a year we have had many events happen to the Xbox Live Indie Games, such as the Indie Games Winter Uprising, more Press, and more eyes looking upon the Indie Game Channel. These events have made the Indies Grow bigger from when they started. One of the biggest turn arounds is Kotaku, taking on the slack of what use to be IGN’s Top Indie Games that were hardly updated.

Feed Back from Community:

George Clingerman Writes “Beep boop, beep beep beep bloop beep.”

Kyle Writes “I think it’s awesome, another way Microsoft is slowly showing attention to the community.”

Team Turtle Toss Writes: “it’s a great feature. No more guesswork with the press… you finally know the real release date “

As of now XNA Developers now can now have a choice of when there game is published for your gaming pleasure. But there is a little trick to this new feature, as stated from the App Hub for XNA Developers

By default, games will automatically be published when peer review is complete. This change adds a check box that developers can check if they want to control their games’ release.

If the developer checks this box, the game will stay in a “ready to publish” state after passing peer review. The developer can then return to the game’s page and click the “Publish Now” button, which sends the game to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel on Xbox LIVE Marketplace within 24 hours.

This system works in a similar way to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which allows developers control over their app releases.

We expect this new feature will better equip you, our Xbox LIVE Indie Game developers, to create buzz and excitement for your great games prior to their release.


One response

  1. Nick (AngryFacing)

    Wow! That is awesome! =)

    May 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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