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Voice of Indie #XBLIG News: Superb RPG “Last Age” In Development

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

Superb RPG “Last Age” In Development

By: Mr. Deeke

VVGtv’s Voice of Indie XBLIG News takes a look at an upcoming XBLIG RPG called Last Age: The Broken Shadow from Zombie Monkey Games. This game looks to be one of the most noteworthy Xbox Indies currently in development, and is also planned to be a submission for the upcoming Dream Build Play competition where XNA developers work for months on a game and release it in a contest where winners can win an XBLA contract. Recent winners include James Silva’s Dishwasher beat-em-up game as well as Noogy’s Dust: An Elysian Tale title.

Christopher Hill, Lead Designer, Programmer and Founder of Zombie Monkey Games –creator of such Xbox Indies as Break Limit–is currently in production of a quite impressive RPG entitled “Last Age: The Broken Shadow” that’s actually a submission for the upcoming Dream Build Play gaming competition.

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Last Age is shaping up to be quite a remarkable title with a marvelous and deep story arc to keep die-hard RPG fans entertained for hours, and expansive gameplay mechanics found in many other J-RPG titles that gamers will recognize. I’ve had the pleasure of playtesting the non-combat build of this game, and even though it was strictly menus, it was quite impressive and unique in many ways.

The game will feature aspects that RPG veterans will be familiar with, and will be enjoyable for non-RPG aficionados as well. With superlative graphics and music, the game comes alive in a mythical fantasy world replete with many creatures, monsters, and kingdoms of men in between.

Last Age’s rich story arc focuses on Devon, a knight from the mighty kingdom of Tichera, and his beloved Tione, a woman who has an affinity for the Light. Our party of heroes faces an imposing threat: dark souls have been manifesting into real beings in the hallowed wilds of Machir where the temple of darkness is located.

The mythos behind Last Age is quite interesting as well, revolving around six spiritual sites, each with their own affinities and guarded by a specific spiritual guardian:

Noble Devindros of the Light
Agile Senkiro of the Air
Wise Olgadra of the Water
Stout Buldrath of the Earth
Mighty Veraxxis of the Flame
Cunning Malkior of the Darkness

“They are the gate keepers, and ensure that only departed souls may approach the focuses.

The guardians do not sleep, do not eat, do not breathe and cannot leave their posts.

Bound by the gods, or perhaps each one is a god, no one is certain.

Devindros, Senkiro and Olgadra will simply deny to any who come close, telling them their time will come.
However Buldrath, Veraxxis and especially Malkior have been known to outright kill on sight any who trespass in their domain.

Each one in turn also tends their focus, preventing the souls within from escaping before being ready.
Thus a perversion of the cycle is prevented. As an escaped soul, would seek only to possess and corrupt the body of another.”

–Last Age Lore

Below is concept art of the first boss in the game–Dracolich.

First Boss

A few in-game enemy monsters that players will face in the game can be seen below.

Starting Monsters

All in all, with it’s expansive story line, deep and rich in-game mechanics and structure, Last Age is quite an awesome looking Xbox Indie title to look forward to be released sometime soon. While there aren’t many RPG titles on the Xbox Indie marketplace today, this will surely be a welcome addition to the severely under-populated RPG genre and is a possible contender for such RPG fan favorites as Zeboyd’s Cthulhu Saves the World.

For more information on Last Age: The Broken Shadow and the gaming studio that developed it, Zombie Monkey Games, please visit their official homesite, Subscribe to them on YouTube for videos, and Follow them on Twitter for instant updates.

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