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#XBLIG Developers Game Night

Hey folks, it’s Master Blud here your host of VVGtv. We will be hosting a streaming game night on Friday May 6th 2011 at 8pm EST. This opportunity will give XNA/XBLIG Developers a chance to shine as always.

If you as a developer would like to promote your game, either being in the chat or handing out tokens to some folks, either or is acceptable. We do not ask for tokens from the developers unless they are willing to provide VVGtv with a copy for game night so we can preview that title to the readers, viewers, and listeners of

I also ask to get prepped for the game night to come join our forums and I do ask the developers to come join and talk about there game and answer any questions the community might have or suggestions to your already released title. This gives a great chance for a bigger community.

The stream will be at VVGtv’s Live Stream at 8pm EST 5/6/2011 Come Join Us!

If you would like to promote your game that night please contact us at or fill out this form


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