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Bullet Asylum Coming to #XBLIG and #WP7

Looks like Bullet Hell Shooters are going crazy this year and are the bees knees. I myself love a good bullet hell shooter. The folks over at UberGeekGames definitely set a bar on this one and it looks absolutely beautiful. One of the many examples as to why the Xbox Indie Games Flourishes with quality like this. Although this video was released last September, it is something to look at and is truly amazing. This is not a finished product but from what I can see it is going to be quite the game. The title will also be releasing on the WP7 and Xbox Live Indies. Oh boy I can not wait to play this. Check out Uber Geek Games and stay up to date on this beautiful shooter coming to Xbox Live and WP7. Also take a look at the list of games previously made like (Awesome Tank, A Game of Tennis, Dungeon Adventure, The Manly Game, and Super Hero Avatar Force)


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