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Frostydowns Dig! Build! Defend!

Well would you look at this. As many gamers, we like bacon……hopefully most of us. How many of us wear hats or like hats? I DO!!!! ME ME ME ME!! Anyways Frostydowns is bringing a whole new experience with two titles that just seem outright fun, those titles are in the process of being renamed but it seems to fit just fine. Dig! Build! Defend! seems like more mining and collecting resources, plants grow and yes there is bacon and hats.

If you are interested in learning more about this great game head on over to Frostydowns and read up on the other title coming out called RogueLike XNA and DIG! BUILD! DEFEND! They also have downloads of the ALPHA VERSION on the site for each game. These are PC Only, Enjoy.
Below is an attached video of Dig! Build! Defend!


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