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Voice of Indie Impressive #XBLIG Platformer “Elysia” In Develoment

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

Impressive and Charming Xbox Indie “Elysia” In Development

By: Mr. Deeke

On this iteration of VVGtv’s Voice of Indie XBLIG News we’ll be focusing on the upcoming Xbox Indie platformer that’s currently in development by Whisper Games Studios called Elysia.

This game is incredibly charming–utilizing cartoonish style and impressive graphics, this title will enrapture many gamers in a mystical faraway fairy-tale land. The overall mechanics are your basic 2D side-scroller with elements from traditional and classic platformers. All in all, I’m quite hooked to this game and I believe it’ll do well–it reminds me of a brighter and happier version of the Xbox Live Indie Lumi.

There are many new Xbox Indie titles that are currently in development that look quite impressive–there are the 3D adventure games, and then there are the platformers like Elysia that utilize very bright and jovial atmospheres, brilliant characters, and a well-defined gameplay system involving platformer and side-scroller mechanics.

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Personally I’m surprised by the level of detail that this game possesses–at first glance it appears to be your basic 2D side-scrolling platformer (the XBLIG marketplace is chocked full of these) however when you take a closer look, Elysia becomes more defined into the quite entertaining and enjoyable slice of fun that it is. The game itself is appropriate for gamers of all ages and would be something that kids could enjoy, as well.

The quality artwork–concept art, in-game sprites and character animation–all go a long way into making this game’s physics dynamics very fluid and realistic all wrapped up in a visually appealing package.

Elysia features a pretty expansive soundtrack, as well–which is also available for purchase on iTunes–that compliments gameplay quite well.

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Explore many different environments and stages in this cute and loveable Xbox Indie all the while enjoying the dynamic in-game atmosphere that utilizes ambient sounds, music tracks, and even weather effects like rainfall. Overall the visual and audio effects look tremendously entertaining and I’m personally looking forward to playing this title once it’s available on the Xbox Indies marketplace.

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Details about Elysia’s planned cost and release date have been scarce, but one could expect anywhere from 80 MSP to perhaps 400 MSP, depending on the size of the finished product. VVGtv will have updates on this and other Xbox Indie Games currently in development when details become available–but for now be sure to check out the trailer and keep updated on Whisper Games through Twitter.

For more information on Elysia and the studio that’s developing it, Whisper Games Studio, please visit their official homesite, Follow them on Twitter for instant updates, or show your support and Like them on Facebook.


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