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Let’s Get our Angry Faces on with ToeTicTak!

Article Written by : Master Blud

Lately I have been seeing a lot of developers porting to the PC and XBLIG, as well as WP7 and the Apple iOS Devices. Developers who take advantage of this opportunity will definitely bloom. Seeing as this specific company “Angry Games” is going to release on both the PC and XBLIG with the game titled “ToeTicTak” there should be no reason for at least some success.

Although the game uses a Pen and Paper type Tic Tac Toe design (We do not have screen shots) Some users of the community might look down on such a game on an Xbox360 or PC. Maybe mobile devices would be more appropriate, who knows. I however appreciate most titles on the XBLIG and PC, as the do set an example for other games as well, it shows a large bit of creativity to others and saying that you did this, you made this, you are proud!

I wrote this short article to “Shortly” Prove a point. Although the recent events of so called “Clones” and “You Stole That Idea”. It is basically anyones world, if you can possibly improve the type of game it is or be more creative with it, then GO YOU. Ignore the banter and the trolls, from a good friend George Clingerman who is a great asset to the Xbox Indie and XNA Community gave this advice, I think we should listen. Creativity is a plus, being different but still the same still makes us different, so why not do it with games?

I say to my readers, viewers, bloggers, and friends alike. Just because it looks like something doesn’t mean it feels the same.

As I close out this “Short” Article I will paste the information that was given to me. Above is my own words. Here is Nick Mudry from Angry Games.

Yes, you have read that correctly, the new independent game development team, Angry Games, has finally announced our first title that will be landing on the Xbox LIVE Indie Game’s Marketplace and PC in the near future.
ToeTicTak! is a variation of the classic pen and paper game Tic-Tac-Toe. ToeTicTak! brings all of that fun to the couches of all members of Xbox LIVE. With many options to customize the playing field to fit you most, anyone can have fun playing the simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Along with the announcement of our new game, we have also announced a contest that anyone can be apart of and help shape up one of the best features in our ToeTacTik!, scenarios. All details of the contest can be found here.

Currently, we have no official date on when ToeTicTak! will be released, but please stay tuned to the official Angry Games and Angry Games Twitter for more information regarding that.


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