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Kinetic Kube S #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Review

VVG Indie Verse Review

“Kinetic Kube S”

By: Mr. Deeke

On this chapter of VVG Indie Verse Reviews we’ll be focusing on a hectic side-scroller called Kinetic Kube S developed by Suitz Ethics for the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for 80 MSP.

The game itself is more of a collection of miscellaneous mini-games, and is a great social Indie to play local split-screen with friends. Most of the games are evolutions of side-scrolling platformers and shooters. This game reminds me of Can You Handle 2 At Once? by Stegersaurus Games in that it combines many games into one and tests player’s reflexes.

Kinetic Kube S 80 MSP

Entertaining and zany, this fast-paced Xbox Indie collection offers an array of different mini-games that are sequenced one after another. Players can play alone against CPU bots or play local split-screen with friends on the same Xbox 360 console. Most gametypes are very action-oriented and involve tests of reflex and focus skills. It’s designed to be more of a social game and has a comical and whimsical atmosphere that makes it appropriate for gamers of all ages.

Kinetic Kube S

  • Developer – Suitz Ethics
  • Genre – Action & Adventure
  • XBL Marketplace URLKinetic Kube S
  • Release Date – 4/21/2011
  • Try or Buy?Try Before You Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 3/5

Kinetic Kube S is an electric blend of intense action and split second decisions served with a side of “zone to this” music and “cannot take your eyes away” graphics!” –Xbox Live Marketplace Description

I. Game Mechanics

Kinetic Kube S offers players many tasty tidbits of gaming in the form of a combination of mini-games each with different objectives and dynamics. Multiplayer is also available in this game so players can go head-to-head with up to four players, and gamers can also play against CPU’s instead of other players.

The myriad of gametypes utilize aspects found in many genres of gaming from platformers to sci-fi spaceship shooters. Here is a breakdown of all the mini-games that gamers will play in this fast-paced Xbox Indie title–which can be found in the Tutorial section of the main menu:


  • Kube – This is the platformer-type game where players must use the A button to jump gaps between platforms.
  • Ship – Players utilize a ship that is controlled up and down with the Right Analog stick while shooting with the RT. The object of the game is to protect the Kube by teleporting in front of it with LT while destroying as many enemy ships as possible.
  • Lasers – Enemy ships shoot at players who control the Kube, and they must stand under the Green laser beams to regain health.
  • Aim – Players must use an on-screen crosshair to shoot at enemy ships using the Right Analog stick to aim and the RT to fire. Defending the Kube is the objective in this game.

Image from Kinetic Kube S


  • Red & Green – Basically players must dodge the Red bombs which harm the Kube, and let Green bombs hit them to restore health.
  • Slow Motion – This gametype is essentially the same as the Red & Green bomb drops, but players can utilize Slow Motion with the Y button to dodge multiple bombs.


  • Health Grab – This is the primary way players will replenish health in mini-games, and players must collect Green orbs to replenish health while dodging as many Red orbs as possible.
  • Blocker – Players are in ships and have to fit through a narrow passageway, receiving damage for every touch of the blocks. Collide with the side of the moving blocks and you’re dead!
  • Laser Bomb – Players have to work together to destroy as many “detonator” orbs, and if all the orbs aren’t destroyed a Laser Beam activates, destroying any players who touch it.
  • Pod Swarm – Enemy pods swarm the screen and players must work together in order to destroy them all, or strategically work against others. Players are in spaceships and move with the Left Analog stick while shooting with RT.
  • Revive – Press any button to revive and respawn all players on the screen at full health.
  • Explode – Press any button to eliminate all other players on the screen.
  • Shield – A circular shield barrier protects the player from all enemies.

The challenging part of this game is that it combines all of these mini-games into one, in a sequence that puts players endurance skills to the test. To win gamers must outlast their opponents and strategically work against them–while also co-operating with them in some gametypes like Laser Bomb.

Image from Kinetic Kube S

II. Weapons/Items

There is a selection of powerups that players can buy in the EXP Store for each gametype. Players use EXP gained from high scores and beating games to purchase these items and powerups that can be applied for each of the three modes: Kinetic, Survival, and Bomb. The upgrades themselves enhance the experience and will aid gamers while playing the respective gametype.

III. Unique Features

The general dynamic of using a sequence or combination of many games at once in this Indie title is quite unique and entertaining. Although it makes the game challenging, it certainly is interesting and it is fun to compete against friends–especially when you’re playing locally with a group of four. The zany elements and fast-paced crazy games put player’s skills to the test in this frenetic Xbox Indie.

For each gametype–Kinetic, Survival, & Bomb–there are upgrades that players can purchase with EXP they earn from high scores in the multiple gametypes. Higher scores and more playthroughs translate to more EXP which can be traded in for helpful upgrades and equipment that will aid players in the challenging aspects of each mode of play.

Kinetic Kube S also utilizes Awards which function like Achievements in retail Xbox 360 games. The Awards are implemented only for Singleplayer and Multiplayer forms of the Kinetic gametype, and there are 17 different unlockable Awards that each require different goals such as high scores.

Image from Kinetic Kube S

IV. Critique

The Good

Original Gameplay Elements. Kinetic Kube S is one of many Xbox Indies that incorporate the use of smaller minigames, however it’s unique in that the combination itself is a sequence of games–rather than picking multiple different games, gamers play one long game made up of many different tidbits. The sounds, special effects, and graphics are also a nice touch that provide for enjoyable gameplay.

Fast-Paced Action. This game makes use of testing gamers in a few ways–their dexterity is put to the test as different gametypes have different controls, their reflexes and focus are put to the test as players must pay attention to multiple elements such as jumping gaps between platforms while shooting enemy ships with an on-screen crosshair.

It’s Zany and Enjoyable. Whether you’re the kind of player who enjoys social games with four-players on the same console or enjoy playing alone in single-player against CPU bots, this game is entertaining on both levels. The crazy aspects of multiple games in one and the dynamics associated for each mode of play provide for quite an entertaining Xbox Indie experience.

Appropriate for All Ages. This game doesn’t have inappropriate elements or aspects such as gratuitous violence, adult themes or coarse language. It can easily be played by younger and older kids and even enjoyed by older gamers–there is no age requirement for fun in this particular XBLIG.

The Bad

Somewhat Challenging. Not everyone can keep up with the amount of focus that is required to play this game, and the action-packed and rapid gameplay can be overwhelming and intimidating for some. This game isn’t for gamers who want a slow-paced game where thinking is key–this is more of a reflex tester that puts emphasis on dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Tailors to an Acquired Taste of Gaming. Some gamers may not enjoy the crazy and zany dynamics involved in the myriad of gametypes, also the graphics are sort of an acquired taste as well–they are very general and simplistic. This title may be more enjoyable to the casual gamer rather than pro gamers who are more familiar with high quality games.

Image from Kinetic Kube S

V. Wrap-Up

Overall, Kinetic Kube S is a fun and quite challenging Xbox Indie that’s jam-packed with action and contains a social element that involves other players to fully enjoy. I personally enjoyed it the original aspect of combining many mini-games into one reflex and focus endurance test of hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The combination of multiple genres and many small games into one big mind-boggling sequence fits in with other games of the Xbox Indies marketplace.

For more information on Kinetic Kube S and the studio that developed it, Suitz Ethics, please visit their homesite or Follow them on Twitter for instant updates on the studio and other upcoming games.


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  1. I developed “Kinetic Kube S” and I really appreciate what you’re doing here on this site. It’s pretty difficult for indie games to be given any amount of exposure from the media so I really thank you for this.

    April 23, 2011 at 12:04 am

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