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#XBLIG Undead Empire KINECT Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

Hey guys whats up, this is the first time I have probably ever seen something like this. is always about promoting Xbox Live Indie Games! So that is why we teamed up with Big Rook Games in promoting such a wonderous title, and giveaway. I mean really, who wouldn’t like to win a free KINECT, and free MS Points, with only spending a mere dollar for an Indie Title. Below is an attached image of the contest with many sites involved promoting the title, please be sure to read the flyer to make sure you are ensured a chance to win these great prizes.

1st Place Prize Highest Score in Story Mode
2nd Place Prize Second Highest Score in Story Mode
3rd Place Prize Highest Score in Survival Mode
Read Below for the 3 EXTRA Prizes for Random Players 🙂
CONTEST Confirmation here Big Rook Games KINECT Contest

Update: The Developer has Confirmed that 3 Random Entries on the Story Mode LeaderBoards will get a 3 Month Gold Card. Thanks to a random comment from ToyThatKills for the idea for other people who don’t have that much time to play games, much appreciated sir. 🙂


One response

  1. Matt

    Just a suggestion and probably too late, but you should have offered a prize for a random winner. A lot of people will feel they’re not good enough to win this and so won’t bother trying, whereas having a random entry as well feels inclusive to everyone!

    April 16, 2011 at 11:16 am

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