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Sudo-Quick #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Previews

VVG IndieVerse Preview


By: Mr. Deeke

Thank you for joining us on VVG Indie Verse’s Xbox Indie Preview articles. Today we’ll be taking a look at an upcoming Indie that’s a virtual form of the popular number puzzle game Sudoku, which literally translates to single number. The Xbox Indie currently in development is called Sudo-Quick by the studio Funky Ants.

Sudoku became popular in America around 2005, however it was originally made in Japan in 1986 by a puzzle company called Nikoli (1). Ever since 2005 the logic-based number puzzle game has been an international hit all around the world, and is featured today in many publications like newspapers and magazines.

There are quite a few Sudoku titles both on the Xbox Indies and Xbox Live Arcade marketplaces, and below is a selection:

Sudoku X Couples Sudoku No Frills Sudoku SudokuGeek Pendoku


Sudoku is quite popular in North America and there are many games based on it for consoles and computers alike. There are countless books on the popular number puzzle, and it is even featured in syndicated newspapers and magazines. Sudo-Quick delivers a satisfying virtual Sudoku gaming experience–and the best part is that it’s infinitely replayable.

What to Expect From Sudo-Quick

First off, I’m struck by the menus and the colors that are used in the game, and how the analog sticks are interactive within the menu itself. The menus are easily navigable, and the graphics are quite appealing. All in all the game is very user friendly in design and function.

Players can jump right into a game–and newer gamers who have never played Sudoku before can study the rules of the game. Sudoku is quite a brain building number puzzle as players must use logic and deduction to adequately choose the correct number in the sequence.

Players are also timed in this game–this is dependent upon which difficulty is selected. There are also lives in this game, and this too is dependent upon the difficulty. The lives represent how many times players can choose a wrong answer, and once all lives are up the game is over.

All in all Sudo-Quick provides challenging gameplay with easy to use controls and game mechanics that can be altered based on difficulty. This is perfect for the Sudoko fan, and is highly recommended for gamers who enjoy puzzle games that involve skill and reasoning.

Unique Features in Sudo-Quick

The color scheme, graphics, and overall user interface is very nice and appealing. The blends of colors and numbers are all styled very well and work to compliment each other. The music is another nice feature–fast paced beats with looping sounds to provide for a consistent track throughout the game.

There are nine different difficulty settings, each of which with their own parameters and functions. As this is a puzzle game, it’s imperative to have different difficulties as some gamers are on different levels than others–and some gamers haven’t even played Sudoku before.

Sudo-Quick is infinitely replayable, and it’s much cheaper than having to buy new Sudoku books or magazines. Players can enjoy hours and hours of Sudoku, or just a quick game or two in their spare time. This unique number puzzle Indie provides for a substantial amount of enjoyment for fans of Sudoku.


Overall, Sudo-Quick is exactly what number puzzle enthusiasts are looking for–challenging gameplay, intuitive controls, easy to use interface and a mind-wracking assortment of puzzles that are pretty much infinitely replayable. Play in nine different difficulties, each with their own unique dynamics and changes, and race against the clock in a true battle of wits.

For more information Sudo-Quick and the studio that developed it, be sure to follow the developer’s personal Twitter feed  for instant updates on this and upcoming XBLIG titles from Funky Ants.

Source: (1) Sudoku Wikipedia Article


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