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I Accidentally…In Space! Ep 1 #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Review

VVG Indie Verse Review

“I Accidentally…In Space Ep 1: Hostile Hustle”

By: Mr. Deeke

Thanks for joining us on this iteration of VVG Indie Verse Reviews–today we’ll be reviewing an Xbox Indie platformer/shooter fusion game called “I Accidentally…In Space Ep. 1: Hostile Hustle“. This game is quite enjoyable and unique in it’s hybrid game dynamics that combine traditional platformer aspects with the standard linear shoot-em-up. Any retro fan will instantly notice the dynamics are similar to that of vertical shmups in the vein of the classic arcade title Space Invaders.

I Accidentally…In Space Ep 1 80 MSP

This Xbox Indie is part platformer and part shooter, and utilizes elements found in each genre. It’s quite addictive, fast-paced, and action packed gameplay has made it a fun game to play repetitively. Lethal Martini Games successfully melds these two genres and provides for an original and enjoyable Indie gaming experience.

I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1

  • Developer – Lethal Martini Games
  • Genre – Platformer
  • XBL Marketplace URL I Accidentally…In Space
  • Release Date – 3/15/2011
  • Try or Buy?Try Before You Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 3.75/5

“Platformer meets vertical shoot-em-up in this retro genre mashup! Fight off alien hordes who are out to protect the valuable space gems you are rightfully trying to steal! 7 Levels of action plus challenging accomplishments to shoot for!

–Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace

I. Story Line

Deimos, the site of a massive gem mining facility, has been destroyed and supply has been limited. Space Gems are highly valuable resources that can be tapped as a power source, making them highly sought after by both humans and aliens. The Corporation, a human faction, is desperate for Space Gems and contracts our Hero to collect as many space gems while alleviating the alien threat that blocks his path.

More and more waves of alien forces barrage our Hero, and players must fight through a seemingly un-ending volley of enemies. The number of enemies is also proportionate to the difficulty settings, as well. In this sci-fi themed platformer and vertical shooter hybrid it is up to players to defeat the extra terrestrial threat and to salvage the precious gems for The Corporation.

Image from I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1

II. Game Mechanics

The game mechanics for this Xbox Live Indie title are pretty impressive and original–I find myself enjoying the game the more I play it. I Accidentally In Space utilizes dynamics that are found in many traditional vertical shooter games–that is games where players shoot in a linear vertical path–while also blending simple dynamics found in platformers as well in the jumping and dodging aspects.

The game also scrolls vertically instead of scrolling side-to-side, and platforms are in play heavily in this title–players must jump onto platforms to ascend upwards to the next wave. This game involves strategy, reflex and timing skills, and quick focus skills to be able to dodge enemy fire. All of these precision skills are usually found in some way or another in the classic vertical shoot-em-up titles, yet this one combines platformer skills into a seamless blend.

The objective of this game is to collect as many Space Gems as possible while killing enemies and dodging their attacks. There is a set amount of gems in the level, and once players collect all of them the level is over and they progress onwards. There are multiple Waves of enemies as well, and each wave is progressively harder than the previous one.

Controls in this Indie title are very easy to use and straightforward, offering an uncomplicated gaming experience. It’s essential to have easy to use controls in any platformer or shoot-em-up game.

The HUD is fluid and easy to read–there is a standard health meter in this game, and it’s quite responsive and dynamic. Gamers can take a decent amount of damage before they die, as well. Players must start the level over again if they die as there are no extra-lives–but it will allow players to continue on the level they died on. There is also an interactive score meter that shows the players current score.

Image from I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1

III. Weapons/Items

Throughout this game players collect green Space Gems. This is basically the objective other than killing enemies and staying alive by dodging enemy shots. All the while players can collect power-ups like a power Shield that protects players from enemy fire, Weapon Powerups that add faster shots or a farther spread, and even  a Drone Powerup that gives a player a mechanical drone that assists the player by firing shots at enemies.

IV. Unique Features

The blend of platformer and vertical shooter that this game uses is quite a unique touch to an Xbox Indie release. There is also another Xbox Indie Game that utilizes similar game dynamics that is called “Pixel Whirled” by Holmade Games. Pixel Whirled uses both the platformer feel with a linear vertical-based shooter, all the while providing a retro NES feel. Both of these games make good use of these elements and each of them are unique in their own way.

Menus in this game are quite nice, I enjoy the way that a player must use the character to jump onto multiple platformers, each of which are different options in the menu. This method of menu navigation also reminds me of another Xbox Indie title called “Defy Gravity” by Fish Factory Games.

The myriad assortment of Powerups is another unique feature in this game that provides for an enjoyable experience. Whether player use the Shield Powerup to avoid being hurt from enemy fire, or the super-strong Laser Powerup that’s used by pressing the Left Trigger, the powerups are all very useful in their own way. Using each of these powerups is paramount to successfully beating the game.

There are also an assortment of awardment-like Accomplishments that track players progress in the game and in specific ways like collecting a certain amount of gems as well as challenging accomplishments like beating the game’s last boss on the Insane difficulty. These accomplishments are substitutions for achievements and add more replayability to the game as well as providing more objectives for players to achieve.

Image from I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1

V. Critique

The Good

Unique Gameplay Elements. The fusion of old-school platformer and retro-style vertical shoot-em-up may sound like a difficult game to play, however I Accidentally…In Space mixes these two aspects together quite nicely to deliver a wholly original and unique gaming experience. All the traditional rules apply–dodge enemy fire and shoot linear vertical fire at enemies like in a shmup, and collect powerups and gems like in any platformer.

It’s Addictive. The repetitive nature of this game is something that works in it’s favor because the title itself is quite addictive. Even when dying I find myself trying to go back and defeat the enemies using different strategies and methods–and it’s always nice to have a massive high score to show off.

Action-Packed Gameplay. This title is fast-paced and action-packed–players are constantly shooting upwards at enemies while dodging the raining fire from above. To add to the stress players have a limited bar of health that they must keep throughout the level, yet there are powerups to make things a bit easier along the way. Fight endless waves of alien armadas while salvaging coveted space gems.

Graphics and Effects. The special effects in this game are adequate, and the way everything is animated to smoothly is appealing. The game seems to involve gamers in the title, engrossing them into another world where they are blasting away thousands of enemy extra-terrestrials. I particularly like the text effects when enemies are wiped out and powerups are scored, it transports me back to my days of arcade gaming.

The Bad

No Lives or Extra Men. Having no extra lives in this game does adequately reflect what it was like to play some arcade titles, however I think it’s a feature that makes the game more harder than it should be. The continue would be much nicer if there were checkpoints along the way, but instead players have to start all the way from the beginning regardless how much previous progress they make.

It’s Challenging. Even on the normal setting the game can be a bit challenging for some players. On the harder difficulties the game takes serious skill to even survive the first volley of enemies. All in all the game is challenging because of a few aspects such as the life meter being finite and having no extra lives or checkpoints. Gamers are stressed a bit too much in this title, however some may welcome that aspect and enjoy the challenge the game offers.

Image from I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1

VI. Wrap-Up

Overall, I Accidentally In Space Ep 1 is a fun, original and enjoyable Xbox Live Indie that provides unique gameplay that is progressively challenging as players beat levels. It delivers a classic experience with nice graphics and effects, and gamers can play a game that’s similar to retro arcade titles from the golden days of gaming. Defeat the alien empire’s countless armadas all the while collecting valuable space gems and collecting power-ups.

For more information on this Xbox Indie release and the development studio behind it, be sure to visit Lethal Martini Games’ homesite and Follow the head programmer at Martini Games, Paul Klimek, on Twitter.

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