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Frozen Exile, in Exile. Needs your Help!

Written By: Master Blud
Looks like “Frozen Exile” is needing your help. I had a chance to watch what looks like a concept for Frozen Exile. It sort of made me think on what it would be like to survive in the wild. You have many tools to use, but in all cases of survival you must make these tools, such as weapons and things to help you make what could look like your last dinner.

As I watched the video it seemed like there is an ability to make camp (Shelter) to keep yourself safe, at least for now. In all things questionable this looks like a concept that had caught my attention and does need your help.

I am going to sound like Sally Struthers for a second (With every penny you can give, you can help this developer accomplish his/her dream) I do have to say the concept does look promising and does need more work, well that is what the funding is for. Not developers ask for help with the game but as most supporters of anything, you give and you get back what you paid for.
To go help out this developer click the link given here 8-bit Funding for Frozen Exile. There is also a video below about this concept.

Full Description from 8-bit Funding:

Winter, 10,000 years ago… Its cold, extremely cold. This is a time when no man wants to be alone, but what happens when you’re forced to be alone?

You served your tribe very well as a great hunter for many years feeding many people and saving many lives. You’re loved among your tribe but everyone ages and as far as the tribe is concerned your age has become a liability, they send you to exile.

You walk for an hour but your old skins are full of holes and the cold becomes to much. You find what looks like a nice place to die and stand there waiting for it to come. As you’re waiting you look around and see potential tools and weapons all over the snow. Sticks and stones, they’re everywhere. At that moment you decide to fight, you decide to survive!

The funding features:
Craft all your own tools and weapons.
Build all your buildings.
Hunt or forage food.
Turn a mammoth into a house!
Build a village.
Domesticate wild animals.
Bring others into your new found tribe.
Wage war!

All this and more will be yours when this game is released but first I need a little help. I need donations to get various things that I require for this game. So please, watch the video to see what I’ve done so far. Every donation will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


One response

  1. Anon

    This looks awesome! Time to rally support for the creator!

    April 17, 2011 at 7:20 am

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