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Time to face the Music Generation an ezmuze PLUS!

ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition
400 MS POINTs for purchase or try the trial (CLICK HERE)
Developers Website
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Written by Master Blud of VVGtv

As I had stared at this Title for the longest time, I kept forgetting to purchase such a title when having the 400 ms points to throw down on it. But nonetheless the creator (James Johnston) of this great music maker had sent me a copy. Now I choose to talk about it. Although I would like to do a video review about this, time is pressed. I entered the game and immediately got myself into a groove with the demo song put up as an example. I then started my own track, (Still working with it).

I got an utmost great sensation as any person who uses Fruity Loops, MTV Music Generator, Magix Audio Software and what not, don’t tell me you have never used any of those things (SLAP). Anyways I continued and got the groove working. There is great features in this title worth just messing around with, one of my favorites is the easy to use Automation System that you can make it so your track volume is just right blending in with the next track. As for myself I am a sucker for great features in any software/firmware/game. So as a progress I got this great 25-30 second loop that just sounds fantastic, you don’t have to be some kind of wizard Harry to use this program.

The ambient loops in the ezmuze+ as well as the other types of tracks usually have a great blend and it is quite easy for someone to just pick up and play and show your buddies what a sick beat you can throw together with a few crazy loops. I can recommend this title to anyone at all who loves to experiment, not just with music but with creativity, hey who knows you might actually have a knack for this. For me to rate this game would be great. A super duper 4.5 out of 5 for its controls, easy to use interface, and all around great experience you can share at your next house party.

Now Comes the greatest part of this article where I do a Quick Q&A With Developer James Johnston.

VVG: For many developers on XNA had a sole purpose as to why they chose this platform to work on. What was your intentions on joining the community?

James: YOU GET TO SELL ON THE XBOX!!!! seriously, that was it. been making games for a hobby for years, so when not only could I *SELL* them, but on a REAL CONSOLE too, that was like WOO!

VVG: What was the inspiration for ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition?

James: Make it better than ezmuze breaks and house edition

VVG: What is your history of gaming and development?

James: I started making games when I was 6 on the ZX81. We couldn’t afford the tape drive so we couldn’t buy games, so we just made them. Then I got the 800xl, I had the tape drive, but in the UK there was no tapes for sale…then I got the amiga – there were games this time, but I was so used to making my own that I barely bothered with them.

VVG: How long did it take for you, from start to finish on ezmuze+

James: Including the update, 18months (first revision took 7 months)

VVG: Can we ever expect an upgrade package, say ezmuze+ F3rr3t edtion?

James: Second editions release date will be announced soon.

VVG: Can you give other individuals an idea of how to keep there progress moving in development?

James: Give up the day job. They suck anyways.


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