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Voice of Indie FC Sells 30K Copies #XBLIG News

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“FortressCraft Sells 30k Copies in One Day”

By: Mr. Deeke

FortressCraft has been a widely popular game ever since it’s inception on the XBLIG marketplace on April 8th. Recently the developer at ProjectorGames, DJ Arcas, has revealed that FortressCraft has sold more than any other Xbox Live Indie Game during it’s first day:

Fortress_Craft: 40,000 people have downloaded FortressCraft. Of those 40,000, 30,000 bought it. That makes FC the biggest selling day-1 XBL Indie Game. WOW! –Dj Arcas’ Original Tweet

Thirty thousand sales during the first day is an incredible rate; it is more than some Indie Games ever see in a whole year’s worth of sales. This only goes to show the huge demand and market that this game caters to.

It’s clear that this game has broken unprecedented sales in the Xbox Indie marketplace, and thousands of people are playing the game. Despite the bugs the game has caught on like wildfire and everyone is talking about it; video sites such as YouTube are filled to the brim with user videos depicting their worlds on FortressCraft.

The game has kept its place at the #1 spot on the Xbox Live Indies Top Downloaded list. The listing itself is composed of 50 games and rates each of them according to their respective download values.

One thing is for sure, the game has set records and has somewhat bridged a gap and brought many gamers to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. ProjectorGames has created a massive hit with this game that has sold more than some Indies combined in it’s first day.

DJKEEMSTAR: FACT 4/8/11 and 4/9/11 Sale report currently selling more copy’s per day than minecraft!  i hope this Last forever! FORTRESSCRAFT FTW –-DJ Keemstar’s Original Tweet

Apparently Microsoft takes away 30% of all Xbox Live Indie Games sales, leaving the developer 70% of the sales. I’m not sure how the payments go, or if a developer can only earn a certain amount for each pay period, however the sum is quite an impressive amount and reflects the fans devotion and interest in FortressCraft.


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