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Major FortressCraft Bug Voice of Indie #XBLIG News

Voice of Indie XBLIG News

“Major FortressCraft Bug”

By: Mr. Deeke

FortressCraft Chapter 1

Everyone knows about FortressCraft by now–the highly anticipated block builder created by DJ Arcas of ProjectorGames.

It has come to many gamers’ attention that there is a massive bug in FortressCraft that wipes all singleplayer data when players enter a multiplayer game.

Imagine the discontent of some players as they’ve spend hours upon hours on a creation–a whole world they’ve designed themselves and implemented, only to have it wiped clean when they enter a game with their friends–which is how FC was meant to be played originally.

If you join a multiplayer game, your singleplayer game sets wiped. We noticed this this morning.

–DJ Arcas’ Original Tweet

This bug is quite a flaw, and the developer, DJ Arcas, has promised a fix to the glitch itself:

The soonest an update can be on the Marketplace is 7am, Sunday the 17th.

–DJ Arcus’ Original Tweet

This quote assumes that the update will be passed Peer Review, yet I’m pretty sure it would pass–there’s never a definite answer with the PR process, however.

Arcas has also found a way to work around the bug, yet it involves gamers using a USB stick with at least 512 MB capacity to hold the saved game files. Apparently instead of loading/saving to the X360 hard drive, players must save and load to the USB stick when they would like to import that world to and from Multiplayer and Singleplayer, respectively.

The developer is also working hard on fixing the bugs in FortressCraft, and overall gamers are still enthusiastic with the title, however they may be perturbed when they find this out after spending quite some time building something that gets deleted.

Should the developer have waited to release FC, and was the hype and huge anticipation responsible for this overlooked bug? The community’s response holds the answer–but I must say that the game itself is enjoyable despite this flaw, and now that there is a way to bypass the glitch, gamers can play the game how it was meant to be played.

For more information on FortressCraft and the studio that developed it, ProjectorGames, visit their studio website as well as the official FortressCraft website.


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