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Dwarven Depths #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Preview

VVG IndieVerse Preview

“Dwarven Depths”

By: Mr. Deeke

Thanks for joining us today on VVG IndieVerse’s third Preview article–on this iteration I’ll be taking a look at an Xbox Indie Game in production called Dwarven Depths by Moonroof Studios. Moonroof is a relatively new XNA development studio, yet this title doesn’t reflect their youth–Dwarven Depths is a great game that’s quite similar to a very popular previously released XBLIG called Miner Dig Deep.

Dwarven Depths

This game, like Miner Dig Deep before it, is influenced heavily from the retro game Dig Dug made in 1982 by Namco in Japan(1).

  • Developer – Moonroof Studios
  • Genre – Action & Adventure (Subject to Change)
  • Release Date – TBA
  • Price – TBA

What to Expect From Dwarven Depths

Dwarven Depths is a fantastic Xbox Indie title, and it’s great to be able to preview this game. I can say having played Substance Games’ Miner Dig Deep that this game is quite familiar; dig through the dirt areas with your pick axe and collect treasures. Unlike Miner Dig Deep this game supports up to 4-players in splitscreen competitive play, with all the action and chaos that comes with multiplayer.

The single most differentiating factor in Dwaven Depths is that players can now utilize a smorgasboard of items, such as the drill that breaks through any number of dirt tiles until it either hits the bottom of the map or a rock, or the rope, which flings upward to allow players to reach previously unreachable heights.

Unique Features in Dwarven Depths

There are a wide variety of gametypes in this title as well–Treasure Hunt pits players against one another in a race to collect precious prized possessions, or the free-play Sandbox mode that allows for un-objective play.

Dwarven Depths also adds a variety of classes for players to choose from, each of which have their own in-game benefits and powers. In the Arena gametype, where players must fight each other in an bloody duel to the death, the classes come into play most heavily with each one having its own gameplay advantages.

Wrap Up

All in all, Dwarven Depths is a great title and I myself had a blast playing it. Whether you enjoy the classic Indie-style graphics, the expansive array of items, or the ability to attack enemies in-game, this Xbox Indie title will have you and your friends playing for hours.

The deathmatch multiplayer function is very well designed and is surprisingly fun–usually it’s harder to have four-player split-screen in an Indie title that functions so well, but this title implements it successfully.

For more information on Dwarven Depths and the studio that developed it, Moonroof Studios, follow them on Twitter for instant updates on this and other upcoming Xbox Indie titles.

Special thanks to Joshua Galecki at Moonroof Studios.

Source: (1) Dig Dug Wikipedia Article


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