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The Art of Indie Contest a Tribute to #XBLIG

Dear Developers, Fans of Indies, and Indie Community,
I am holding a very special Contest for Fan Art for Independent games that of which is on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I ask you to send in your Artwork to us at and “Later” when we have at least 1- people well will draw winners. Also we will have a special page on for all your artwork as the contest continues. Consider this an “Artistic” Tribute page to your beloved indie titles that you hold so dear to you. If you do not like to use MS Paint on Windows please consider this great application GIMP for creating your artwork, it also works on MAC TOO! You can use regular paper and what you can find and possibly scan it and send it to us. Yes you can take a picture of you do not have a scanner.
1. Have Fun
2. Be Creative
3. Find an Indie Game You like and do some art for it
4. Use your signature on the bottom right
5. No Vulgar or Offensive Language or Gestures (Remember this is a Tribute)
6. Play the game for a while to get an idea what you want to draw.
7. Send the Picture to

PS There will be more games this week being released and developers might send tokens our way so you might be lucky in winning a copy of a great Indie Game.


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