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VolChaos #XBLIG VVG IndieVerse Preview

VVG IndieVerse Preview


By: Mr. Deeke

Thanks for joining us for VVG Indie Verse’s second Preview article. Today we’ll be taking a look at a game that Fun Infused Games is developing called VolChaos. This game is a platformer at it’s heart with elements such as a horizontal lake of lava that players must avoid at all costs. VolChaos is very enjoyable and the playtest alone has this reviewer wanting more.


I must say that VolChaos is a gem that reminds me of certain stages in other games–traditional platformers where falling down the gaps is lethal–but this game puts a spin on the classic run-and-jumpers by adding an ever-rising tide of scorching hot lava. One wrong move and you’re toast!

  • Developer – Fun Infused Games
  • Genre – Platformer
  • Release Date – TBA
  • Price – TBA

What to Expect from VolChaos

This game functions similar to general platformers in that players must jump over obstacles and gaps in the floor as well as dodge enemies. The jumping in VolChaos is great–gamers get to adjust the height of each jump depending how hard they press the button, and the physics system involved in the jumping is very fluid.

The hero in VolChaos is a Cowboy–yes, that’s right, a cattle-herding gaucho–who’s trying to collect multi-colored gems all the while avoiding the tide of lethal magma below that slowly rises. Will our bronco-busting buckaroo complete his quest for precious stones, or will he fail and sizzle in the scorching depths?

As this is Fun Infused Games’ first official platformer (Nasty is a platformer as well, but can also be dubbed as a shooter too) VolChaos exhibits that the studio’s skills at creating a game in this genre. The sounds are amusing, the animations are very fluent and well designed, and the gravitational physics involved with jumping is fantastic.

Unique Features in VolChaos

Funny Death Animation! When a player touches the surface of the molten lake of fire, our gaucho hero is burnt to a crisp and flies up in the air–this is a cartoonish and humorous death animation that is synonymous with Fun Infused Games’ style. I find myself dying only to see this hilarious portrayal, but be warned–every death is counted.

The Jumping. This game utilizes what I’d like to call “floaty jumps”, that is to say that the jumps aren’t constrained or limited to a small height–they’re a pretty big leap. Playing this game and using the floaty jumps is something that brings a smile to my face, even if I fall right into the fiery lava.

Fast-Paced Action! VolChaos is one of those games you can’t sit around or idle too much, also you have to improvise jumps and make quick, on-the-fly decisions that sometimes come down to simple trial and error. This game is action-packed in the sense that gamers must always be aware of what’s around them, where the lava is, and how to best plan out their next jump.


VolChaos is many things–a death-defying side-scrolling 2D platformer where players must be on their feet and look before they leap or risk a fiery death at the hands of the molten lava below. What’s worse is that the lava rises up like an infernal tide. Gamers must use their wits and focus to jump from rocky platforms, collecting precious gems along the way and dodging pesky flame enemies.

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For more information on VolChaos and the studio that developed it, Fun Infused Games, visit their homesite.

VolChaos is coming soon to the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace!

Special Thanks to Fun Infused Games for the play-test.


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