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Kung Fu FIGHT! #XBLIG VVG Indie Verse Preview

VVG IndieVerse Preview

“Kung Fu FIGHT!”

By: Mr. Deeke

Thanks for joining us on the first-ever VVG Indie Verse’s Preview article. In this debut piece we’ll be taking a look at a side-scrolling platformer/fighter Xbox Indie in the works called Kung Fu FIGHT! from Nostatic Software. This game is similar to the NES version of Kung Fu1 in style and some functions like the fighting dynamics, however Kung Fu FIGHT! is lower resolution and has a different scale.

Kung Fu FIGHT!

This title utilizes aspects from platformers like having to jump over obstacles and focusing on what lays ahead. It also implements a unique side-scrolling variant where the player is always in motion and is interacting with the environment–jumping, sliding, and punching their way through the levels.

Kung Fu FIGHT! Box Art

  • Developer – Nostatic Software
  • Genre – Platformer / Fighting (Subject to Change)
  • Release Date – TBA
  • Price – TBA

What to Expect from Kung Fu FIGHT!

As an adamant Xbox Indies gamer and reviewer I was looking forward to playing this new title: it’s infused with elements from  platformers, side-scrollers, and fighters. There is plenty of action in this Xbox Indie as nearly every second of gameplay takes a level of zen-like focus–much of which is associated with the martial arts theme itself. I feel like a young grasshopper, maturing and growing stronger as I jump over shurikens and kick enemies while leaping.

Expect to acclimate yourself to the controls and the overall flow to the game–it’s very fast-paced and players must be on their feet (or in the air) at all times. There will be moments where players will fail a few times in a row, and then they’ll get in their “zen-like state” and become a Kung Fu master–sliding on tables, punching through enemies, and saving the day.

Kung Fu FIGHT!

Unique Features in Kung Fu FIGHT!

Gamers get to test their reflex and focus skills as well as hand-eye coordination in this fast-paced, exciting fighting/platformer hybrid. Since players are on a “track” of sorts that’s always moving, they must always pay attention and hit the appropriate button–X/LT for punch, A for Jump, and Down (D-Pad, Analog Stick)/RT for Slide.

Sliding is very useful in this game, and players will have to utilize it quite frequently. Getting used to all the controls and functions is an essential part of this game, and each of them can be used in many different combinations. This  allows players to developer their own personal customized methods and proficiencies with each ability.

Kung Fu FIGHT!

Wrap Up

All in all, Kung Fu FIGHT! is a great experience for both platformer fans and gamers who like a side-scroller with a challenge. Since it uses a unique variant of constant-motion side-scrolling action, it can be a bit difficult to get used to–but once gamers focus their chi energy, they’ll be sliding and jump-kicking in no time. It is a refreshing ,fun, and, at times, humorous Xbox Indie title that is a welcome addition to the marketplace.

For more information on the development of Kung Fu FIGHT and the studio that created it, Nostatic Software, visit their website.

Special Thanks to Mike at Nostatic Software.

Source: Kung Fu Master Wikipedia Article


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