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CTG #XBLIG VVG IndieVerse Review

VVG IndieVerse Review


By: Mr. Deeke

Welcome to VVG Indie Verse Reviews–today we’ll be focusing on a truly zany and challenging Xbox Indie 2D shooter called CTG. This game is developed by Derail Games, developers of such titles as Panic Attack and Jump N’ Bounce which are both available on the Xbox Indies Marketplace.


CTG takes the same element of action and focus that the previous games both contain, also implementing a dynamic physics system melded with a shooter that provides for entertaining gameplay. With challenging gameplay, CTG pushes gamers to stay focused and pay close attention to the screen, and to use their wits and skill in a test of feline vs. granny warfare.


  • Developer – DeRail Games
  • Genre – Shooter
  • XBL Marketplace URLCTG
  • Release Date – 3/23/2011
  • Try or Buy?Try Before You Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 3/5

I. Story Line

Plays take control of a black cat with what looks a little bit like a plasma rifle from Halo with claws instead of smooth edges. Contrary to popular belief, grannies actually have a personal vendetta against feline kind–and will stop at nothing to annihilate our poor little furry friend. Players must make sure that grannies get what’s coming to them and launch them up in the air, which is something that defines the crazy, zany fun that are associated with some Xbox Indies.

Players must use their weapon and wits to score points in this exciting title, and they must do everything to suppress the inbound hordes of grannies and blast them into the air–Do you have what it takes to survive the onslaught of evil grannies, or will you fail and be overrun?

II. Game Mechanics

CTG is a button-masher 2D shooter that has aspects of action, humor, and physics all wrapped up in decent graphics–the environments and character designs are entertaining. The gameplay is addicting yet somewhat challenging, and players must be on their toes to keep up with the large number of enemies on the screen.

The controls are a bit off, as you must hit the shoulder buttons to shoot attacks: RB is your main circular blast that can propel an enemy depending on what direction its faced, and this is the most-used attack during gameplay. LB fires a bouncing ball that attacks all enemies on contact, and it can also propel enemies in the air, however the ball only bounces on the ground in a horizontal path back and forth.

Image from CTG
A later stage in CTG.

There is also a super ball that acts like a bouncing ball but isn’t limited to just a horizontal path–it follows the same aiming path as a regular shot, however it bounces more erratically and is quite powerful.  This super ball is used by holding RT which charges the shot, and then releasing once it’s fulling charged.

What is most difficult about the shooting is that players must make decisions in which attack to use–the bouncing ball attack, or the main linear shot–at any moment in the game. Also to make things even more challenging, players can only shoot one of each at a time–they are unable to press both LB and RB at the same time to shoot both at once–only one at a time.

The aiming is very nice–I find myself utilizing it in many ways throughout the game. Every shot is linear, and the aiming system is based on a 180 degree curve–each shot shoots straight according to what direction it is placed it. I myself adapted easily to the aiming and was enjoying the concept. It’s also possible to ricochet enemies off of the walls, which is essential to beating some stages.

The grannies are slow-moving, sort of like zombies in some games, and are a light shade of gray. They hurt the kitty on contact, and around four or five hits he dies and you get to Retry the level. Players will most likely get used to seeing this screen for some stages as they are quite difficult.

Image from CTG
An example of the yellow spike-balls that destroy rock tiles.

Grannies drop in from three openings on each side of the screen, making six outlets–however not all of them are always used. The doors on the upper areas of the screen are particularly useful to get easy shots–shooting the enemies as they fall will help propel them in the air.

There are also other enemy types such as the yellow spike-ball that can also hurt our feline friend on contact, but they are particularly useful because they have a high bouncing rate and can also break through rock barriers which is essential to beating certain stages.

III. Weapons/Items

The LB and RB attacks are very useful, and can be used in tandem to strategically beat certain difficult levels. It’s essential to use both as much as possible in order to get acclimated with each and to see how they work in certain situations. The super ball (charge by holding RT or LT) is a great way to heighten entertainment and make the game a bit easier.

There are also power-ups that randomly fall from the top of the screen and scroll downward–this reminds me sort of the item showers in the Decimation X-X3 titles from Xona Games. Rapid Fire is very useful which allows players to hold down the RB shoulder button and have a turbo-like fire mechanism that shoots successive blasts. These power-ups are limited and only last for a certain period of time.

Image from CTG
An incredibly difficult stage!

IV. Unique Features

The physics system utilized in this game is gravity-based, and has bouncing elements–as in enemies and shots will ricochet and bounce off of walls, allowing gamers to use tactics and strategies to complete the levels. I personally enjoy the simplistic way objects fall, yet the complicated way they can bounce and ricochet off of so many different points in the environment.

The humor element is also something this game makes use of–I myself had no idea what was happening at first, and I think that will be something that most gamers will feel their first time. But as they say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover–CTG has an odd cover, with humorous granny sprites and a kitty with a super-gun, but it is a fun and addictive Xbox Indie shooter.

This game emulates Derail Games’ overall ball-dynamics, using the shots as destructive elastic spheres that propel enemies in all directions over a 180 degree semi-circle arc. Gamers who’ve played their previous titles will see shades of the physical dynamics that are in play, especially with the springing globes that act just like the shots in CTG.

V. Critique

The Good

It’s An Original Concept. I myself aren’t familiar with many games of this type–2D shooters with elements of platformers with dynamic gravitational physics and nonstop action. In an original blend of humor and challenge, CTG sets itself apart from many Xbox Indies all the while providing unique gameplay and a style that is fundamental to some of the more cultish XBL Indie titles.

It’s Addicting! I constantly find myself going back and replaying levels, trying new strategies to beat them. This game is challenging, which in my opinion makes it addicting in a way, especially when players learn new methodologies to conquering the menacing grannies and the other various enemies in the game. Trying out new things is the key to progressing in this shooter, and players can easily learn new things by replaying the game.

Hilarious, Zany, & Fun! Whether you’re the type of gamer who enjoys a good shooter or one who likes the humor aspect that some Xbox Indies offer, CTG can satiate both cravings and more in a tidy package with impressive physics. Where else could you shoot grannies using a cat armed with a super-blasting sphere launcher? No where but on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

Image from CTG
Another more advanced level in this zany 2D shooter.

The Bad

It’s Challenging and Difficult. I personally find this to be a good thing about some games, however most gamers might be put off on the difficulty of the game itself. Some may go through the entire game not even knowing about the super-ball attack (which makes things so much easier) and be frustrating to constantly have to mash their shoulder bumpers.

Some Inappropriate Content. This game’s Game Over screen is our feline friend’s head exploding–complete with brains, eyeballs and all. This could be outrageous to some people, and isn’t recommended for younger players. There is blood and violence as well as the grannies explode into a red gush when being contained in the score area. Also some gamers might not like the whole crazy and zany element of gameplay and it might seem juvenile to them–but I personally think it’s great.

No Jumping. To me this is the most serious flaw that this game contains, and it’d make the title much easier–however I’m sure it’s by design that there is no jump. Being that our feline hero is a cat, I believe some sort of jumping or high speed reflexes are in order, yet we’re fastened to the ground unable to move.

VI. Wrap-Up

All in all, CTG is a fun and crazy Xbox Indie 2D shooter that has it’s own gravity-infused physics system, humorous themes, and some inappropriate content that seems to only add to the allure and outrageous-ness of the title. Players must use their reaction skills, focus, and strategic wit in order to get past hordes of enemies including grannies and other hilarious foes.

For more information on CTG and the developers who made it, Derail Games, visit their website.

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