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Infinity Danger #XBLIG VVG IndieVerse Reviews

VVG IndieVerse Review

“Infinity Danger”

By: Mr. Deeke

Today on VVG IndieVerse Reviews we’ll be taking a look at an awesome Xbox Indie twin-stick shmup game called Infinity Danger by Milkstone Studios. This game is pretty entertaining and reminds me of Mommy’s Best Games’ Shoot1UP in 3D and is also reminiscent of Ikaruga originally made for the Sega Dreamcast in 20011 (which is actually available today on the XBLA Marketplace). This title was directly inspired from the 2003 PC shmup Warning Forever.2

Infinity Danger 80 MSP

Infinity Danger takes the classic arcade shoot-em-up genre and mixes in twin-stick mechanics to create an  evolution in the shmup genre of video games. These titles are action-packed and offer players the unique experience in destroying multitudes of enemies during any given stage. Milkstone’s shmup title doesn’t disappoint long-time fans of the genre and is a welcome addition to the Xbox Indie Marketplace.

Infinity Danger

  • Developer – Milkstone Studios S.L.
  • Genre – Shooter
  • XBL Marketplace URLInfinity Danger
  • Release Date – 3/22/2011
  • Try or Buy?Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 4.75/5

“Fight against an almighty enemy that evolves to exploit your weak points! Inspired on the 2003 computer game Warning Forever”

I.   Game Mechanics

Milkstone Studios’ take on the classic shmup genre is a blend of 3D action and twin-stick shooter that satisfies gamer’s cravings for excitement and vivacious visual effects. This evolution in shooters incorporates all the classic aspects that players are most familiar with in the genre–whether it’s evasive maneuvering or offensive enemy blasting, this title has it all.

The game itself is quite hectic and there are projectiles all over the screen in the later battles where enemies get more complicated and harder to beat. The trick of it is to shoot connecting pieces, or arms, that form onto the enemy boss. Once the connector piece is destroyed, everything that was attached to it is destroyed as well, saving valuable time.

The overall goal is to destroy the main center section known as the core–once the core is destroyed, the boss is defeated regardless of the remaining attachments/pieces.

Time is another aspect of this title that adds the sense of action to gameplay; players are timed and earn more points when the stage is completed faster. Every second is precious in this shoot-em-up, and it only takes seconds to be defeated, so players must be on their toes at all times.

Infinity Danger is a true test of reaction, focus, and skill–it also improves hand-eye coordination and is a great way for younger kids to have fun in a game without violence or inappropriate themes. Build focus and train your reflexes with this awesome 3D shooter. Players must also use their wits to navigate through the barrage of destruction launched by bosses and must also focus on the bosses’ weak points.

As mentioned before, Infinity Danger is heavily influenced from a freeware PC shmup title called Warning Forever developed by Hikoza. T. Ohkubo.2 The boss-fight dynamics are very similar as well as the way the stages are very quick and easy to beat at the beginning, becoming more complex as players progress through the game.

Image from Infinity Danger

II.   Unique Features

The boss enemies always evolve, and the game analyzes the player’s weak points on a range of different parameters. Basically the game gets harder and harder and exploits a players weaknesses in gameplay, forcing the player to evolve their play-style as well. This dynamic makes this game a true challenge that changes each time its played which opens infinite possibilities.

Instead of destroying every piece of a boss with one shot, this game utilizes a dynamic where players must gradually shoot at a part until it is destroyed–this is determined by visual queues as the pieces will blink a shade of red, indicating weak points. Players must utilize certain strategies and tactics in order to defeat enemies, and each stage gets progressively more challenging and difficult than the last.

Rather than having an army of invading space-crafts, there is only a single enemy that is a conjunction of many parts, each part having a lethal attachment such as a gun turret or a laser cannon. Enemies resemble giant robotic cephalopods that are hellbent on destroying our lone starfighter, and players must focus on attacking certain parts of a boss rather than the whole. This dynamic makes it much different than most Xbox Indie shmup titles as there are usually tons of enemies to fight rather than one enemy composed of many parts.

This game also has a leaderboard-style, peer-to-peer ratings system that ranks players globally based on their in-game performance. This affords players bragging rights and also gives them incentive to be the best, pushing them past their limits to exceed other players’ scores and be at the top of the skill hierarchy.

Awardments are also featured in this Xbox Indie; there are six total mini-achievements for players to unlock. Each of them are different and require players to do certain things such as destroying a certain number of bosses (“Dormin” and “My Other Boss is a Colossus” achievements) or the challenging “Nirvana” awardment that requires an accumulated score of 50,000,000 (fifty million) points.

There is also an integrated statistics pane under the Extras tab where players can evaluate their performance and see a break-down of their overall statistics of all games that were played. The Stats section is three pages long, and offers a chance for players to look into their strengths and weaknesses to try to improve their performance.

Image from Infinity Danger

III.    Critique

The Good

It’s Fun! Milkstone Studios has tapped the vein that fans across the world have been excited over for decades; shoot-em-up games have had countless titles released and the genre itself has evolved over the years. This Xbox Live Indie Game is sure to please both die-hard gamers that covet the genre as well as casual gamers looking for a fun, action-packed game to enjoy.

Unique Shmup Dynamics. Most of the gamers that enjoy Xbox Indie shmup titles are familiar with twin-stick mechanics thanks to Radiangames titles such as Ballistic, and Infinity Danger utilizes them in such a way that is action-packed–just what gamers want. The massive bosses with their huge array of turrets and weaponry provide both a challenge and something different that gamers aren’t used to, making it unique as well as enjoyable.

The Graphics. For an Xbox Indie this game has really awesome graphics in full 3-D and offer for a visual spectacle of shmup gaming. Even as the screen is filled with enemy fire; lasers, turret shots, energy clusters–all of which compliment the overall style of the game as well as the constant havoc that ensues during gameplay.

It’s Addictive! Xbox Indie shoot-em-ups as well as the classic retro shmups are known for being very addictive–especially games like Decimation X3, Shoot1Up, and Radiangames’ Ballistic title. I find myself constantly wanting to improve my performance and to replay the game over and over, and each time I try to do something new–an improved strategy to defeat certain bosses, etc. This game hooks in shmup fans and challenges them to earn a respectable ranking on the online leaderboards for high-score glory.

The Bad

It’s Very Hectic & Chaotic. Veterans of games like Ikaruga or even the XBLA title Aegis Wing will find the havoc to be rewarding and fun, but casual players won’t enjoy it so much especially if they aren’t familiar with the shmup genre. Also not every gamer has the skill to evade an incessant onslaught of attacks whilst strategically shooting at different parts of a boss. It may be overkill in terms of pressure and frustration as the screen can literally be full of lethal energy bolts.

Bosses Often Kill Players When Entering the Screen. This was the biggest problem I had during gameplay; bosses will float down from top to bottom, landing basically in the middle of the screen. The bad thing about this is if you’re in the way you’ll be killed,as any contact with any part of a boss is instant death. Players are forced to go to either side of the screen in order to evade this, and in the later stages the bosses are so massive that it’s difficult to avoid them.

Players Start From the Beginning With Each New Game. Rather than having continues, Infinity Danger restarts the whole game back from the very beginning, which is classic arcade-style. This is a bit frustrating and there isn’t any story arc to compliment gameplay, either. I personally enjoy shmup’s that have various levels and stages and that save progress, however this game is more like a survival-themed battle for high-scores.

Image from Infinity Danger

IV.   Wrap-Up

Overall, Infinity Danger delivers the action-packed shoot-em-up experience gamers crave; with a seemingly infinite number of bosses to defeat in each stage each of which evolves to take advantage of player’s weaknesses.

The game is challenging and offers the standard shmup experience enhanced with twin-stick mechanics and awesome 3D graphics. This game is a must-have for all spacefighter fans and gamers who enjoy a challenging yet addictive Xbox Indie shooter.

For more information on this exciting Xbox Indie shoot-em-up visit Milkstone Studios’ website, and make sure to Follow them on Twitter for instant updates!

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Also be sure to check out the original freeware PC game that influenced Milkstone in their creation–download Warning Forever and try it for yourself.


1. Ikaruga Wikipedia Page

2. Warning Forever Wikipedia Page


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  1. masterblud

    This game is so sick and frustrating. I myself enjoy Avatar Ninja!

    March 28, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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