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Trivia Or Die #XBLIG VVGIndieVerse Review

VVG IndieVerse Reviews

“Trivia Or Die”

By: Mr. Deeke

FunInfused Games is usually synonymous with retro arcade-style games such as “Hypership Out of Control” and “Abduction Action“, however “Trivia Or Die” is their first Indie based solely on a quizzical gameshow. The developer Kris Steele is well known for making enjoyable Xbox Indies, and this title is no different–“Trivia or Die” is a must-have Indie for all trivia fans everywhere.

Trivia Or Die 80 MSP

This has to be one of the best Xbox Live Indie Games in the trivia category–players must use their wits and quick reflexes in this quick-paced and challenging avatar mind-melting showdown. Will you stop the evil from destroying the world, or will you falter in your quest?

Trivia Or Die

  • Developer – Fun Infused Games (Kris Steele)
  • Genre – Puzzle & Trivia
  • XBL Marketplace URLTrivia Or Die
  • Release Date – 2/11/2011
  • Try or Buy?Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP
  • Rating – 4.5/5

“For the last 1,000 years, the Earth’s greatest trivia champions have gathered at a secret location to battle for the fate of humanity itself. Can you triumph and save the world or will your defeat lead to the untimely demise of all mankind? Trivia or Die features 1- 4 player action, three levels of computer AI, and a snarky host that will insult you at every opportunity.”

Xbox Live Marketplace Description

I.    Story Line

This is actually one of the few Xbox Indie trivia games that has an actual story line, even if it’s a bit shortish. Basically, players are gathered at an undisclosed area to do battle not by sword and brawn but by mind and wits. This secret gathering has taken place every century, and it is up to the player to save the world from certain doom.

This kind of premise is rare to see in any trivia game, let alone an Xbox Live Indie–it is very unique to find such an expansive, albeit ominous and somewhat zaney, storyline in a game such as this.

Image from Trivia Or Die

II.   Game Mechanics

Trivia Or Die’s mechanics are quite simple–each answer is represented with the four face-buttons on a standard X360 controller; A, B, X and Y. Players much choose which answer that correlates to each button that fits the question best, and often players can simply guess.

With the support of avatars, Trivia Or Die offers players the chance to show off their custom threads–this feature is very appealing to players who have invested quite a bit of MSP into their avatar’s appearance.

Gamers can enjoy bonus points such as Combo Bonuses, which are awarded when you earn a streak of correct questions in a row, or Quick Bonuses that add points for answering a question correctly in a certain amount of time. Points aren’t awarded or deducted for wrong answers, and when streaks are broken there aren’t any penalties other than losing the points bonus.

Overall this game functions very easily and fluidly, much as anyone would expect a trivia Xbox Indie to work. With over a whopping five hundred questions, four-player local competitive play, and a slew of cruel insults for wrong answers, Trivia Or Die is a must-have for quiz gameshow fans everywhere.

Image from Trivia Or Die

IV.   Unique Features

Local four-player competitiveness is one of the best features of this game. You can either play with four different players on one console or play any combination thereof including players and computer AI bots. When playing with bots, players can select their AI difficulty (from Idiot to Genius) as well as control certain parameters like Question Count and more.

Another awesome feature of this fun trivia Indie is the hilarious and cruel insults that are thrown at players when they answer a question wrong. This can of course be turned off at the main screen, but I reccommend keeping it on as every wrong answer nets a nice “Stoopid!” or “You so DUMB!” It’s really nice to laugh at your friends when they get an incredibly easy question wrong and are called “Eeediots” for it.

Full avatar support is another nice functionality in Trivia Or Die–this gives the gamer a chance to represent his or her virtual characterization of themselves–a full-body reflection of the person’s tastes and styles rather than just a simple square picture. All avatars are in full 3D and are animated very well, plus it’s a great way for players to show off their dynamic outfits and accessories.

Image from Trivia Or Die

If those features weren’t enough to hold you over, the best of them would be the fact that you can play this game dozens of times over and have a different experience each time. Since the questions are randomized, players can enjoy not only challenging questions, but a wide variety of them from dozens of topics. This is great for gamers who want to play this game every night or cool down with a nice bout of trivia brainteasers.

One of the best parts of this game is that at the end of each game, the winner stays alive while the losers fall to a fiery pit of death–hence the name “Trivia or Die“. The developer Kris Steele also provides the voice-acting for the insults and the opening theme.

This trivia title also gives players a full breakdown of statistics at the end of the game, such as the ratio of right answers to wrong ones, and also High Scores that are viewed in the Main Menu. This kind of ranking system is rare in most Xbox Live Indie trivia games, especially ones that are only 80 MSP.

Image from Trivia Or Die

V.    Critique

The Good

It’s Very Fun! Out of the many trivia games that are out there on the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, Trivia Or Die is one of the only ones that adds punctuality and humor into the mix of Q & A gameplay. This title provides an entertaining and zaney spin on the overall seriousness that most trivia titles seem to exhibit, but it also has challenging questions that force the player to focus and think on their feet.

Huge Library of Questions. Trivia Or Die has quite the expansive list of questions for an Xbox Live Indie that only costs 80 MSP–the content compared with the actual price is really an amazing deal. Players can expect to be able to play this game many times over without having the same experience twice.

Avatars! Many people criticize XBLIG’s for their use of avatars, but I personally think utilizing avatars in a 3D environment is a great idea–if, of course, it’s done well like it is here. In this particular game the avatars are represented flawlessly and in such a way that ties the player in with their virtual reflections, especially since that little pixellated figure is a representation of the player themselves.

Computer AI/Bots. Trivia games usually have computer AI’s, yet players aren’t given any control or reign over their functionality. In this Indie title, players can directly affect how computer AI functions in the matches themselves by setting their difficulties to three different grades: Idiot, Average, and Genius. On Genius mode the bots become quite cut-throat and competitive, offering a new challenge for trivia quiz-whiz’s.

The Bad

No Categories. The only problem I had with the game was a minor one–I prefer categories of questions in any given trivia game, and Trivia or Die offers them in a more varied and random set-up. Basically I like to be able to choose what questions I want to answer, and I think that a categorization of questions may help certain players enjoy the game more.

VI.   Wrap-Up

As you can see, Trivia or Die is a unique and fun-infused (no pun intended!) trivia game that offers great features like four-player competitive play and avatar support, and is a must-have for all trivia fans out there. For only 80 MSP the title is quite a steal considering the bounty of questions and enjoyment gamers will surely experience while playing this Xbox Live Indie.

For more information on Trivia or Die and the developer who made it, visit Fun Infused Games’ Website. Here are a few of Fun Infused Games’ previous titles–click each image to be taken to the respective Xbox Marketplace page:

Trivia Or Die Abduction Action! Hypership Out of Control Nasty


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