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Thoughts of 2010 and the years to come with #VVGtv and #XBLIG

This is probably going to be a big article as seeing that I have come to a point of “Busyness”. VVGtv has grown a lot in the past 8 months. Before VVGtv was known as “Video Reviews”, it was originally just a “Indie Stream” of my Current favorite Xbox Live Indie Games on and Since VVGtv has started on, I have grown to know a lot of you either on a “Digital/Personal” Level or even Added you to Xbox Live. I do love the communication with the community and it’s developers, to get heavily involved in anything I can, not just for the “hits” but to get a real connection with each and every one of you. I know a lot of you and some of you I do not know but you still support the Indie Community just as much as I do. A not so distant time ago, we had a sudden change in the Xbox Indies and they have seemed to be hidden. Many people Such as Kris Steele brought this problem much further then I could. I had started a “Sort of” Campaign for #SaveXBLIG on twitter and it grew to a large number and with Kris there to just hit the next stage was absolutely wonderful, and brought a tear to my eye (Seriously). With his voting poll on the Bug that XBLIG should be in games section gave our Indie Community a BIG Boost and then something magical happened. Microsoft had heard us, and put the indies back in the game section. Shortly after another great event had happened, I honestly did not know how long it was planned out but it was the greatest thing I had ever seen a group of developers put together (THE INDIE GAMES WINTER UPRISING) which include great high quality games also including an update to a previous game “Hyper Ship Out of Control” Which added a reverse mode and a few fixes to the great gameplay. Soon after that later in the month of December there was a sudden Spotlight of the Indie Games Winter Uprising and had hit the Xbox Dashboard in the US and later in the weeks hit other countries as well. This boosted our Xbox Indie Community a great deal, and possibly increased recognition not just in those titles in the promo but also triggered a more supportive community jumping in and showing there support.

My name is Ryan, I am an Father of my beautiful daughter Morgan who makes my life worth living and gives me the push to go to the next level of my career and life choices. Although she can’t talk to me that much and she doesn’t know how to carry a conversation, all she has to do is look at me and I know what she is saying to me.

As her life goes on and my life as well, my time to do what I need to do is changing, and have sort have been slacking a bit lately due to me trying to find a job that is suitable for my hours so I can take care of my daughter and have my reliable transportation (BUS).

This all being said I would like to thank a lot of people, really I would but many of your names are too much to count and would take me quite a while to find them. But you know who you are, you have given great feedback and great constructive criticism to me as a reviewer as what you would like to see. Many people would jump at the chance to be a “Reviewer”. But anyone can just type anything up about a game that they had played, but what I do and a few others have done as well, is a unique way of showing the game, not just in screen shots and text, but video, a voice and thoughts on the game (Video Reviews) and a conclusion on whether or not the game is worth your time. I myself have read every comment that has come flying at me whether it be the most insulting “You sound like your stoned” or “Dude this game sux bad recommendation”. Although most of them do kind of get to me, I keep in mind of the word “Trolls” and don’t take it to heart.

Well here is the part of the Article that might get touchy and will probably give you some answers.

Q: Why’d you start VVGtv

A: I started VVGtv as currently explained as an Xbox Live Indie Stream on or, and has grown to be more as when I gave my thoughts about the games as I was playing, my friend Neal Emery had come along and asked me if I wanted to do video reviews for his site I jumped at the chance and have grown so much and the site is doing better then we had anticipated. The site just had written reviews and the occasional trailer for an Indie Game. I stepped in offering a variety to the site and also a great support for those Indie Titles.

Q: Where do you want to see VVGtv going in the future?
Is there anything that you want to do for VVGtv that hasn’t happened yet?

A: Well knowing the “TV” Part of VVGtv I would like to get another reviewer on the side, but he/she has to do video reviews using the VVGtv Review Layout I have setup. This is turn would keep everything solid and on topic. I am yet to search for a reviewer for my own site as you see here. I do work by myself and put together each video diligently and am always spurting new ideas to make VVGtv a better experience to watch. Now having a writer for my site would absolutely do nothing for me and the Indie Community. But if he/she could show me some work they have done and is explicit enough to get a readers attention, then I would consider bringing them on board. Although VVGtv is sort of at a standpoint as just Video Reviews I am sure more will change and hopefully I can get a fulltime Job in this field seeing as I do this service for free because I want to and I enjoy Independent People who also have dreams and hopefully we can work together someday as a team or just keep contact even if they become the next big thing like James Silva. I really would like to meet that dude just once. Come on man I live not so far away from you. I would totally take the bus just to go hang out at Bombers in Schenectady. The 55 bus runs All day let’s go eat some burritos.

Q: What would you like to improve one the “Indie” Channel that developers have the power to do so?

A: First order of Business, get rid of the IGN Channel saying Top Indie Titles. This being said, the reason being is that I feel that they have basically shunned everything out about the Xbox Indies and come around once in a blue moon to show their support. I would however love to see a vote from the Indie Community including Developers to set a new site to update at least weekly or bi-weekly a new list of great gems in the XBLIG. Now going on to the part of power, as I had explained above with Kris Steele setting the next motion in the #SaveXBLIG Campaign, he displayed an ultimate power which one human being can transform in many. If you know what you are doing and believe that it can be done, then you can accomplish many things.

Q: I heard you talking about making an Xbox Indie Title, is it really going to happen?

A: Well yes and no. Right now it is a difficult time for both myself and my daughter. I already have plans to make one and have a concept all written out and it sounds epic to me. I have a graphic artist (My Brother) a music artist (Myself) and a programmer (Myself) and just need to get the ideas put together and in motion. I can tell you however that it will take multiple genres and make them have babies 😉

Anyways that is it for me. Expect more reviews from your host Master Blud with VVGtv. Thanks for Reading

Master Blud
Xbox Ambassador


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  1. Lee

    That was an interesting article. Good luck with the jobhunting and future site plans! And I never miss your video reviews. Keep ’em coming. 😀

    By the way, this is OutOfMidian from YouTube.

    February 3, 2011 at 1:06 am

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