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VVGtv Live #XBLIG Stream Scheduled 12/31/10 (ENDED)

(Scheduled for 8pm Eastern Standard Time on 12/31/2010)
VVGtv Live
In celebration of the great success of the Xbox
Live Indie Games this year. I am going to finally go Live again on
New Years Eve. Thus bringing in the new year with the great
additions we have in not just the Indie Games Winter Uprising but
many others. If you are a developer and would like to partake in
this event and possibly give out free promo codes for your game
please use contact form on the right side of the page or contact me
directly at if you are just wanting to participate in this event please do send me and email or fill out the contact form. this is to ensure safety
regulations so I can properly moderate the chat room and make sure
you are moderator. This being said, I do implore you to watch as we
bring in the New Year with our Xbox Indie Community. To join this
great event tomorrow please register your site and
username to the contact form to your right or send inquiry to and let me know what you would like
to do to help. Let us bring in the New Year with the Great Xbox
Indie Games that we love.
Note: If you are not a developer and would like to help from your site or just you in person please fill out contact form for info. Thank you 🙂
Registered Peoples and Lovers of Indies (Twitter Handles with @)

-@SFX_Acidic from

-@WTG_Fireflex from We The Gamerz

-@stevensefchick from Info Site on Meds ~CODE Giveaways for tonight for his game “Meds”~

-@XboxHornet and @MarkMD76 BBQ Games ~CODE Giveaway for tonight RetroVaders~

-@spacewhalestudios from Space Whale Studios ~CODE Giveway for RAR…AKA….Return all Robots~

Yours Truly
Ryan D
Master Blud


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